• Zoos around the world have launched the cutest flash mob

    The Smithsonian Zoological Park in Washington has launched the most touching and cute flash mob that you could think of. Under the hashtag #CuteAnimalTweetOff in the account of the zoo there was a photo of a newborn long seal seal. Who first picked up the baton is unknown, but other zoos and oceanariums one after another began to lay out their photos of young animals, competing, whose will be the most-most. Under the hashtag it is already possible to find tiny otters, macaques, tiger cubs, pandas, turtles, elephants, sloths, foxes, hedgehogs ... and the list of frames on which the degrees of milota just rolls over, everything is replenished. The Moscow zoo also joined the action, sharing pictures of lynxes and polar bears. We look the sweetest selection and cheer up!

    We are greeted with a gray seal pup. 21. The pup appears to be nursing, moving & bonding well w / mom.https://t.co/l0Bzu7g8ek#Squeepic.twitter.com/nEhuJe6vBk

    - National Zoo (@NationalZoo)January 25, 2017

    Stop everything. Norfolk woman's the nation's zoos and aquariums are battling#CuteAnimalTweetOffhttps://t.co/NvyJg23dRV

    - The Virginian-Pilot (@virginianpilot)January 25, 2017

    We will take part in the most cute fooshmob of today#CuteAnimalTweetOffpic.twitter.com/aAp0ZSC2jf

    - Moscow Zoo (@moscowzoo)January 26, 2017

    And a little more for a better flash mob.#cuteanimaltweetoffpic.twitter.com/uU8rOsIz6R
    - Moscow Zoo (@moscowzoo)January 26, 2017

    Y'all, we might be late to the#cuteanimaltweetoff, but we have a strong contender. Meet Rowan!pic.twitter.com/2BxGS4s381

    - Memphis Zoo (@MemphisZoo)January 26, 2017

    #CuteAnimalTweetOffthrowback to the cutest cloudy bellies!#cloudedleopards#savingspecies#endangeredpic.twitter.com/ksxX5vH4t1
    - Point Defiance Zoo (@PtDefianceZoo)January 25, 2017

    @SarahJanetHill@VLMuseum@BronxZoo@sandiegozoo@sfzoo@phillyzoo@PhoenixZoo@zoomiamiWe're always down for a#cuteanimaltweetoff!pic.twitter.com/hmkYOLBjrx

    - Zoo Atlanta (@ZooATL)January 25, 2017

    @SarahJanetHill@VLMuseum@sandiegozoo@ZooATL@sfzoo@phillyzoo@PhoenixZoo@zoomiami#cuteanimaltweetoff? Bam: an oldie but a goodie.pic.twitter.com/6kjrTXG9dl

    - Bronx Zoo (@BronxZoo)January 25, 2017

    Hopping on board for the#cuteanimaltweetoff#ChallengeAccepted#springhare@Nieuwsblad_be@zsllondonzoo@sandiegozoo@ARTIS@ RotterdamZoopic.twitter.com/M1pYegu5sP

    - ZOO Antwerpen (@zooantwerpen)January 26, 2017

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