• Have you already seen the Christmas tree dummy? Here are 9 best images

    Christmas tree - green needle - the centerpiece of the holiday.People put songs about her, dance around them, and in the last century Bulat Okudzhava dedicated a whole ballad to her ... No wonder that on holidays the tree is perceived almost as an animate being! This year, the Dutch designers even had a desire to experiment and present for everyone to see what the expression “decorated like a Christmas tree” literally looked like.

    Or maybe some women of fashion decided to challenge the central place of the Christmas tree on New Year's holiday?

    Looking at this photo, you will think: is this not the best tip for a brilliant prickly beauty?

    "Antique version": with the thought of Venus de Milo in coniferous drapery

    In the spirit of the Viennese Christmas Waltz: music paper, sonorous songbirds on a forest tree, ball gown with open shoulders.

    Irish lace, tartan in a belt and Albion fog settled on a coniferous skirt

    Satin bodice and ribbons, gold and beautiful feathers, borrowed from a proud peacock - a luxurious outfit!

    In traditional Christmas colors

    With white and red Christmas punch

    Someone thinks that this is great, others are ugly. Every man to his own taste.

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