• XXL - what size?

    Nadezhda Kazantseva
    Nadezhda Kazantseva
    February 8, 2013
    XXL - what size?

    Trying on a favorite item in a clothing store, which numbers do we pay attention to first? Naturally, the size indicated on the label. Having found it on a paper label, we again ask ourselves the question: XXL - what size do these three letters represent ?.

    Lettering numbering of the sizes comes from the USA. There it was first introduced, and now it is used in many countries. You can meet the letter sizes on almost any items of clothing, with the exception of shoes. Many countries have adopted their own standards for sizing, which is why the decoding of XXL size will be ambiguous. For example, in America, this woman is equivalent to the size of "20", and in Europe - "46". Therefore, it is important to know what Russian size XXL denotes according to the classification of the size range adopted in the Russian Federation.

    Female and Male XXL

    With all this it is worth remembering that women's and men's sizes are not equal to each other, therefore XXL will denote different units for different categories of clients. So, in Russia, the size of the XXL male is 52-54, and the female - 50-52.

    Frequently, clothing stores hang signs on the walls with a breakdown of the size range in accordance with the standards of the Russian Federation and other countries. But in order not to make unnecessary mistakes in the choice (often it concerns sales, when the required size is extremely difficult to find), you can remember this simple designation. Then shopping will seem easy and more enjoyable!

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