• Words from parents to teachers - beautiful texts in verses and prose with gratitude from moms and dads for Graduation and Last Call

    Congratulations on the day of the last call and the words of gratitude from parents to the teachers are a traditional attribute of the festive events timed to the end of the school year in elementary school and graduation ceremonies in grades 9-11. Such words are dedicated to the first teacher, mentors working in elementary, middle and high classes and the entire teaching staff of the educational institution.

    Words from parents to teachers - beautiful texts in verses and prose with gratitude from moms and dads for Graduation and Last Call

    The words of gratitude that mom and dad are touching to tears are expressed in verse and prose, accompanying them with the most sincere, beautiful wishes of good health, composure, kindness and endless patience.Teachers with great pleasure accept congratulations and good words, once again proving that once they chose a worthy profession - to teach children.

    Wonderful words from parents to a primary school graduate teacher in verse and prose

    Words from parents to teachers - beautiful texts in verses and prose with gratitude from moms and dads for Graduation and Last Call

    All the most beautiful words from parents to the teacher of primary classes on graduation in verse and prose to listen pleasantly and flatteringly. In fact at this moment mums and dads overflow the most light emotions, and they sincerely put them in warm words of gratitude in relation to the teacher.

    Mom and Dad congratulate the mentor with the end of the school year, thank for the comprehensive care and immense love, given to children. In their beautiful speeches, woven from touching words, moms and dads ask the teacher not to worry about parting with their pupils. After all, they do not abandon their mentor, but simply go ahead to consolidate their knowledge and show what a good foundation the first teacher has put in them.

    Examples of texts in verses and prose from parents for a primary school teacher

    Texts in verses and prose with words of sincere gratitude for all the good parents can read a primary school teacher on a ruler or matinee on the occasion of graduation from school.Beautiful phrases, composed of warm, sincere and kind words of gratitude, will fall in the teacher's soul and will remain in your memory for the rest of your life as the highest evaluation of professional and personal merits.


    Thank you for teaching

    Our guys read, count, write,

    For the fact that they have always been close to them,

    When they needed to give something a hint!


    Thank you for all your efforts.

    What gave them the opportunity to become better,

    For being upbringing

    Always tried to take part!


    In the future, we wish you success,

    To work in your joy was.

    You are the best! We know that for sure!

    I wish you well and warmth!


    Many thanks we say on behalf of all parents to you, our wonderful teacher, the instructor of our children. Being the first teacher is the most difficult thing: you always need to know where to begin and how to start, how to interest all children and guide them on the path of correct knowledge. Thank you for the fact that you managed to give our children a craving for knowledge and discoveries, a desire to rush to school every day and open new pages of the book of miracles. We wish you great victories and creative successes, incredible powers and bright happiness on the path of life.


    You took the hands of the kids once

    In the country of light knowledge they took with them.

    You are the first teacher, you are mom and dad,

    Honorable and childish love.


    Accept from us you today thanks,

    Parent low take a bow,

    Let the bright sun shine above you

    And only the sky will be cloudless.


    Dear teachers, Please accept my heartfelt words of gratitude for your work and the strength devoted to the welfare of our children. With your sensitive attitude, wise advice and fair instructions, you helped the children to overcome the difficult path of learning knowledge. We wish you good health, vigor and strength, professional discoveries and responsive students.


    Thank you for raising children,

    What gave them what is so important in their lives.

    That they were understood, appreciated, loved.

    And do not blame the knife reproachful.


    Thank you for growing up

    What gladly they hear the school chime.

    And what have you been able to teach so much

    Kids For this I bow to you.

    Words of gratitude in prose from parents to teachers for the last call and graduation in 9-11 class

    Words from parents to teachers - beautiful texts in verses and prose with gratitude from moms and dads for Graduation and Last Call

    Sincere words of gratitude in prose from parents to teachers on the last bell and graduation in grades 9-11 sound capacious, touching and very respectful.Moms and dads pass the bow to teachers who for many years have given children love, all-round attention, care, and extensive knowledge in various subjects and sciences.

    Of course, good, pleasant words do not fit all the gratitude that hearts burn, but adults try very hard to open their souls before the mentors and show all the wonderful feelings that are experienced at this solemn moment.

    For teachers such greetings and words of gratitude are very important. This is the most truthful and honest assessment of the daily painstaking work of teachers who bring up a decent, patriotic, persistent and purposeful young generation that can change the world for the better and fill it with love, joy and harmony.

    A collection of words of gratitude in prose from parents of pupils of 9-11 grades to teachers

    The following collection contains texts and words of gratitude from parents to teachers in prose. They are appropriate to read on the lineup, classroom or holiday evening in grades 9-11. Teachers will be happy to hear that mothers and fathers of children appreciate their efforts and understand how difficult it is sometimes to teach adolescents to the mind.


    Congratulations to all today with the last call.Everyone wants to wish a sunny summer and a wonderful holiday, especially for the patient, courageous, kind, understanding, the best teachers of our children. Thank you, dear ones, for never having left a single child alone with his problem, for being able to give them a lot of knowledge and wonderful moments of school life this year. We wish you strong strength and health, we wish you not to know fatigue and continue to shed the light of education in the way of children.


    That is the last bell. Thank you very much, wonderful teachers, thank you from all parents for the high achievements and successes of our children, for proper education and necessary knowledge, for understanding and endless efforts to raise a new generation. We wish you not to lose enthusiasm in work and dedication in life, we wish to have high moral stability, good health and brave endurance.


    Dear, invaluable, courageous, patient, such different and already very dear teachers, congratulations on the last call! Mentors, good angels, you have passed an important life stage with our children, having taught them a lot. We will always remember your noble work. From the bottom of my heart - sincere thanks.Be happy, gifted with fate, cheerful and healthy!


    Dear teachers, on behalf of your parents, we congratulate you on the Last Bell! We wish you a wonderful summer, active rest, various impressions and achievements. Thank you for all that would be done for our children. This is an invaluable work and contribution. Be healthy, fair, responsive and just as humanly happy!


    Dear teachers, on behalf of all parents we want to congratulate you on the last call and, taking this opportunity, to express my deep gratitude for your work, tremendous patience, knowledge of our children, inexhaustible enthusiasm and constant desire for excellence. We wish you all a wonderful holiday, free flights of happiness in the clouds of summer dreams and dreams.

    Beautiful and touching words in verses from parents to teachers at the graduation and last bell in grades 9-11

    Words from parents to teachers - beautiful texts in verses and prose with gratitude from moms and dads for Graduation and Last Call

    The beautiful congratulations and kind words from parents sent to teachers on the ruler in honor of the last call are the best, pleasant gift and public recognition of the merits of the teaching staff.

    The immense gratitude expressed in beautiful, reverent poems or touching to tears, respectful words in prose makes teachers feel the most vivid emotions and experience the best moments in their lives.After all, there is nothing more pleasant than knowing that the work invested in children gave its fruits and will soon bring the first results.

    The guys will go to universities, learn from specialists in different areas, build a successful career and will be able to improve on a lot of things around. And it is for this on the last call and graduation party that moms and dads say a simple but succinct word “thank you” to the first teacher, class teacher, subject teachers and other school staff who actively participate in organizing a full-fledged and comfortable learning process for children.

    Variants of beautiful and touching words of gratitude in verses for teachers from parents of schoolchildren in grades 9-11

    This section contains the most beautiful and touching greeting words in verses from parents for teachers. Moms and dads students can download them for free from our website, learn by heart, and then declare with an expression on the ruler or evening in grades 9-11. Such a welcoming word will make the most favorable impression on teachers and will be remembered for its sincerity, openness and warmth.


    Dear teachers,

    Sometimes you were strict

    And sometimes for leprosy

    No one has been punished.

    We, the parents, today,

    On behalf of all our shkodnits,

    Well, shkodnikov, of course,

    “Thank you!” We say heartily.

    May Destiny give you nerves

    With an inexhaustible reserve

    Let the Ministry of Finance does not offend,

    And the salary increases.

    Well, in general, let you

    Everything in life will be just a class!


    Our gratitude is limitless,

    Low bow to you teacher,

    You taught excellently,

    We give our children knowledge!


    Years school, as birds flew,

    Children have become adults with us,

    From the heart and soul we would like

    So that everything in life went well with you!


    So that fate will reward you with happiness,

    So that the prosperity of your house brought,

    And from troubles, sorrows to keep,

    Peace to you, health and good!


    We thank you, teachers,

    For knowledge, love and patience,

    Over the night over notebooks without sleep,

    For dedication and for inspiration.


    For helping us raise

    Children What could be more important?

    We wish you and the school to flourish

    And to become wiser every day.


    New talents and health, strength

    Today we wish you warmly.

    And though the last bell rang,

    But in the children's heart you will be forever.


    Thank you for the years and efforts,

    For the fact that, despite all the obstacles,

    Were you able to give yesterday's babies the knowledge

    Have managed to teach everything that in life is necessary.


    Let not always have enough understanding

    And children are far from ideal,

    But you always had a sense of tact,

    Thank you for your faith and recognition!


    Teachers - Hurray!

    You are a storehouse of knowledge and skills.

    But, sorry, it's time to say goodbye,

    The last call rings for us.


    Thank you teachers

    For understanding and patience.

    We know for sure - it's not for nothing!

    A start in life gives learning.


    Thank you for the children,

    For giving them knowledge.

    Of them you made people.

    We tell you - goodbye!


    We also like your class,

    After all, we studied with them,

    And you will stay for us

    Beloved and dear!


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