• Who does the child live with?

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    Who does the child live with?

    Divorce - an unpleasant event in the life of the family. This stress is primarily for children, because parents will no longer live together and will rarely have to see one of them. The habitual way of life is disturbed, and children are hard to get used to change.

    Divorce necessarily occurs in court. When considering the case, the question of alimony payment, division of property, and with whom the child should live after the separation of the parents is decided.

    Who should the child live with?

    In it states that spouses during a divorce can make an agreement in which you need to specify with whom the children will live, how the payments for their maintenance will be made. But spouses cannot always reach a compromise or decide in favor of a son or daughter.

    In such cases, the court itself will determine the fate of the child, relying on, which says that the decision must be made taking into account the interests of the child. The court will take into account:

    • Attachment to parents, brothers and sisters;
    • Moral qualities of father and mother;
    • The possibility of creating favorable conditions for the full development of the child;
    • Financial situation;
    • Type of professional activity of parents.

    Children's opinion

    The state fully protects the interests of children, so a court decision during the divorce proceedings will be made in their favor. The judge will try to take into account all the features of the situation and give the right to raise and maintain the child to the parent who will cope with these duties better.

    Most often, the child stays with the mother, but sometimes it is better for him to stay with the father, for example, if the mother leads an immoral lifestyle and does not give her son or daughter enough time.

    In addition to the circumstances, representatives of the law will take into account the opinion of a child who has reached the age of ten. He will be surely asked if he prefers his father or mother. But the court is obliged to check whether the given desire contradicts its own interests. It may turn out that the child is under pressure from the parents or is misleading. It may be that the parent with whom the child wants to live will have to provide proof of appropriate housing conditions and an income statement before making a decision.

    After a teenager is 14 years old, he gets even more rights, and he himself has the right to go to court to secure living with his mother or father. If before that age he remained living with his mother, then after fourteen years he could move in with his father on the basis of a bilateral agreement or a court decision.

    Tips for divorcing parents

    • Parents need to remember that divorce is not a reason to completely sever relations and to treat each other badly, because there are common children who suffer because of the separation of the mother and father.
    • The question of who the children will live with should also be approached responsibly without unnecessary emotions and complaints. A parent with a firm intention to keep the child should try to create the best conditions for the normal growth and development of a son or daughter in physical and spiritual terms.
    • No need to make scandals and quarrels in front of the child, to tune him against her husband. Unpleasant moments will long remain in the children's mind.
    • If the court decided in favor of the mother, the father should still participate in the upbringing and maintenance of the child, maintaining warm and trusting relations with him.Mothers should not forget about themselves, surrounding the son or daughter in custody or, conversely, depriving children of their attention. It must be remembered that the court can change the decision if it does not correspond to children's interests.
    • It is also not easy for a child to make a choice in favor of one of the parents, because he is used to being with both. He feels who loves him more, is more friendly, gives him more time. It may not always be a mother. If the child wants to stay with the father and the parent has such a desire, suitable conditions have been created, the court will decide in his favor.
    • It is not always possible to avoid disagreements in case of divorce, but for the sake of children it is necessary to try to carry out the procedure with the greatest possible comfort. For this, they will repay each parent with gratitude and love.

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