• What to wear with false collars?

    Kristina Firsova
    Kristina Firsova
    April 8, 2013
    What to wear with false collars?

    Modern fashion strictly dictates its own rules. Among the favorites of accessories can be identified overhead collars. They help to correct the image, to give it severity or lightness, to hide the age defects of the neckline. Jewelry on the neck in this case, do not dress. In addition, under the collar does not need to pick up a handbag, belt and shoes, this accessory is completely independent in this regard.

    How to wear collars

    Many fashionistas are concerned about the question of what to wear false collars. Stylists advise not to stop their choice on any one type of clothing. It can be sundresses, dresses, summer tops, sweaters and shirts, as well as those things that were bought a long time ago. With the help of a collar, they can be transformed into modern and fashionable.

    It is better if there are several such accessories in the wardrobe, differing in style and form. One collar can be worn with different things. The material used in its manufacture can be anything - leather, fabric, beads, rhinestones.The shape and width also amazes with variety.

    Beaded collars

    Overhead beaded collars are notable for their particular elegance. Beads, as a rule, are used very high quality in order to avoid scuffing of the upper layer. The size of the beads can be different, as well as the color. Collars are made by hand, each model weave very carefully, constantly trying on a mannequin. This allows the product to cover the neck of a woman nicely and without irregularities. Blouses, evening dresses, elegant, but by no means sporty tops are suitable for a beaded collar.

    Beaded collars

    Very similar to the previous applied collars of beads. The only difference is the variety of beads themselves, their shape, color solutions. In addition, each bead can be applied with a pattern, which is excluded in the beads. Such a collar is suitable for a more evening dress or for a strict business style. It all depends on how it is made.

    The big plus will also be that you can carry this thing with you in your bag and experiment with your image throughout the day. For example, if you want to attend some kind of event in the evening, you can take off a strict business jacket, put a collar on the top and present yourself to the guests in a new look.Moreover, the formation of this image will be spent just a couple of minutes, which is important in the rhythm of modern life.

    Thus, fashionable overhead collars are an indispensable accessory in the image of every modern woman. It will allow to be different, fashionable, stylish and save money on buying new things.

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