• Windows: how to find a folder?

    The Windows 7 operating system has many different features and utilities that make life easier for the user. Sometimes, a user on a computer accumulates a huge amount of information, folders and files that are still located on a computer and make it difficult to find them. Then finding the desired file or folder becomes difficult, and sometimes impossible without special Windows 7 operating systems. Then the system of searching files and folders in Windows 7 comes to the rescue.

    Let us consider in more detail all possible ways of finding a file or folder in Windows 7.

    How to find a folder or file in Windows 7

    There are three easy ways to find the right folder with the files or the files themselves among a variety of other information in the Windows 7 operating system:

    • Using the search field in the Start menu;
    • Using the search box in a folder or library;
    • Or using the advanced search outside folders and libraries.

    Consider each of the methods in more detail.

    Search box in the start menu

    The easiest way to find folders or files on your computer is to use the search field in the Start menu. To do this, just enough to open the "Start" andSearchwrite any name in the search field, which is located next to the button for shutting down the computer. After this, the Start menu is transformed into a list of possible options for files and folders with the same name.

    Moreover, with such a search, a list of not only files and folders with the same name will be displayed, but also files where this word may be mentioned in one form or another within the file or its properties. In addition, it should be noted that only those files that have been indexed are displayed in the list. However, most files are indexed automatically.

    Search box in a folder or library

    You can search for files locally if they are stored in a specific folder or library. For this:

    1. Open the desired folder or library.
    2. Enter the desired word in the search field. The search field in this case is located in the upper right part of the window.
    3. In the list we find the desired file or folder.Search

    This search gives results even in parts of the word. The search is conducted by name, the internal text of the file and file properties. The library searches all folders within a particular library. It is not necessary to enter the full name. Just enter the part and find the file you need.Also, when displaying the search result words will be highlighted in color for the convenience of the user.

    In addition, you can enter several keywords that will narrow the search area very significantly.

    Advanced Search

    If a folder or file cannot be found by searching in specific folders and libraries, then you can expand the scope of the search. For this:

    1. Also enter a word or keywords in the search box in the library or a specific folder.Search
    2. After the search returns results, scroll down and find the �Repeat search� section, where you need to specify the search method and parameters.
    3. Specify the search area. It can be a search in all libraries, and you can also do a search in the whole computer. In the second case, the search will be performed even on non-indexable files and folders of the system. However, the search will be much slower. You can also specify a specific search location, if you select �Other�.

    Thus, you can find any file or folder, if they are on the computer. You can also search using the default web browser by clicking on the �Internet� button.In this case, the browser that you set by default will open, and an Internet search will start in the default search engine.

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