• Why women can not save on themselves

    The woman is the keeper of the home, which is responsible for the atmosphere in the family. Money represents the energy that is needed to create the necessary conditions for mood and comfort. In this case, it is not about some large amounts, but little things that can please a woman. It is clear that to allocate a large amount from the family budget for the purchase of fur coats for the sake of their own whims would be foolish. However, it is quite possible to buy flowers, candy or a new blouse to set the mood.


    A woman who saves herself can be seen immediately. She has a sad look, gray tasteless clothes. Putting the joy aside for an indefinite "later", you can live your whole life and with an extinct gaze. In some cases, you can be a little selfish and set aside time and money for yourself.

    Psychological condition

    The lack of small female joys can lead to depression and irritability. Try not to save yourself, allocate a small item of expenses in the family budget for yourself.

    Family atmosphere

    A woman creates an atmosphere in the family.Irritation, stress due to lack of money and time for yourself can lead to problems in the family. Do not take all the responsibility for the house on yourself; distribute part of the responsibilities to the husband and children. If the offsprings have grown up, then they may well find a simple part-time job for pocket money, and not sit on the neck.

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