• Why is urine cloudy?

    The normal color of urine can vary from deep yellow to light. This is due to the different content in it of individual pigments. At the same time, the urine does not normally contain any impurities, due to which it looks absolutely transparent. But why is there turbid urine? This is due to a number of factors, which we now list.

    Causes of urine turbidity

    • Dehydration (or dehydration) of the body. This can be caused by heat, a visit to the bath or sauna, or hard work. In this case, mineral water (without gas) or green tea will help.
    • Diseases of the kidneys or urinary tract. In this case, in the urine can be observed flakes, mucus and even pus, and the urine itself will have a strong odor.
    • The presence of stones in the kidneys and urinary tract, which entailed damage to the mucous membrane, may indicate blood impurities in the urine (red hue). With a reddish-brown color of urine we can talk about the defeat of the kidney itself.
    • In men, turbid urine may indicate problems with the genitals, or rather, prostatitis or adenoma, or any venereal disease.
    • In women, urine turbidity suggests that they are too active in a sexual way. Here, first of all, compliance with the rules of intimate hygiene is required so that cystitis does not subsequently arise.
    • In pregnant women, turbid urine may simply be a sign that the urine contains various impurities. But if the urine smells strongly, there is sediment and blood impurities in it, you should be wary, as these are symptoms of developing pyelonephritis.
    • Dark, "beer" shade, greenish and brown color may indicate a variety of liver diseases.

    These are the main reasons why urine is cloudy. In connection with the above, the following conclusions can be drawn. Changes in urine color and turbidity are not necessarily associated with any disease. However, if this is repeated regularly, then measures should be taken and consult a doctor, since in these cases we can talk about diseases of the internal organs or the genitourinary system.

    Why does a baby have turbid urine

    In children, turbid urine may occur mainly after sleep. Isolated cases do not represent anything terrible of themselves; in this case, we can simply talk about changing the water ration of a child.That is, this means that the child just drank other drinks. But if this is observed regularly, it is worth to consult a doctor and conduct a detailed examination. Especially worth guard if the children's urine contains various impurities or sediment. It is quite possible that we are talking about inflammation in the kidneys or in the urogenital system. Reddish or greenish tinge of children's urine can also talk about various diseases. As for the saturated, thick color, then most likely, infectious diseases, not directly related to the urinary system of the child, are to blame. It is no secret that with serious colds, the color and consistency of urine can also change, and you should not worry here. But if the child is healthy, but he regularly has such a phenomenon, you should consult with a pediatrician.

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