• Why is there no pregnancy?

    In the life of almost every adult, sooner or later the moment comes when he begins to clearly feel in his soul a certain internal readiness to become a parent. However, it sometimes happens that already fully matured morally and financially in order to become parents, some married couples unsuccessfully try to get a child for several years, and then the question of why there is no pregnancy becomes extremely relevant for them. Moreover, the desire to have a baby sometimes turns into an obsession, and the inability to carry it out is the reason for numerous family scandals and recriminations.

    But you should not immediately assign one of the partners to be guilty of this delicate problem, because in fact there are quite a few possible reasons why pregnancy does not occur. We list the main ones.

    The main causes of childlessness

    Previously, if there were no children in the family, only a woman was always blamed for this. In fact, any of the spouses may be guilty of this situation; modern science knows many forms of male infertility.Moreover, according to statistics, only in 40% of cases the cause of childlessness lies in female infertility, while husbands are the culprits of childlessness in 45% of married couples who do not have children. In the remaining 15% of cases of childlessness, its cause is the incompatibility of the organisms of the husband and wife, this is the so-called immunological sterility.

    There is no particular reason to worry if you regularly have sex for three to four months, and pregnancy does not occur. To get pregnant on the first marriage night, not every woman can, according to statistics, even after a month of constant work "in the field of love" only a quarter of young married couples manage to conceive a child. But if you lead a healthy lifestyle and have regular intimate relationships throughout the year, and you cannot get pregnant, then you have reason to think about why this happens. In order to establish the cause of what is happening, you need to contact the specialists and pass the necessary examination.

    It is better to start a trip to doctors with my husband, because, as we said above, men are more often the “culprits” of childlessness. Besides,for a start, the husband will need to do only one analysis - the spermogram, which is done simply, rather quickly, and it costs quite a bit, and it takes much more time to examine the wife (and the money too).

    Causes of Male Infertility

    • In the case when the male testicles do not produce the required number of spermatozoa, or when the produced spermatozoa have any structural defects or when their mobility is impaired, the man is diagnosed with a secretory form of infertility. Such disorders as varicocele, cryptorchidism, dropsy of the testicle, or parotitis that was previously transferred (or mumps) can be the cause of such disorders. In addition, long-term stress, vitamin deficiency, alcoholism, high fever, certain medications, poor nutrition, constant lack of sleep and radiation exposure adversely affect spermatogenesis.
    • In the event that the permeability of the vas deferens is impaired, a man is diagnosed with an obturational form of infertility.

    If a visit to the urologist and the andrologist did not bring negative results, that is, the diagnosis of male infertility was not confirmed, then the wife should contact the antenatal clinic and undergo a full examination there.

    Causes of Female Infertility

    • inflammatory diseases of the genital organs and sexually transmitted diseases;
    • gynecological diseases - polycystic ovary, uterine fibroids, endometriosis;
    • various menstrual irregularities caused by hormonal disruptions;
    • congenital anatomical defects of the genital organs;
    • bilateral obstruction of the fallopian tubes;
    • many other diseases and abnormalities that only an experienced gynecologist can reveal.

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