• Why doesn't the mouse work?

    The computer is our assistant and friend. But there can be a very unpleasant situation in which any of its parts fails. Of course, you can contact the experts and take your computer to repair. But before that we recommend that you try to fix the computer yourself. Especially when it comes to such trifles as a computer mouse.

    List of actions, if the mouse does not work:

    1. If we are talking about a wireless mouse, then the battery could just sit down. Buy new, expensive batteries and see if the mouse will work.
    2. The reason for the failure of the mouse can also be a driver. You could, for example, accidentally delete them or not install them, in addition to this, the driver could remove some kind of virus. Included with many mice are the disks on which these drivers are located. Install or reinstall them, restart the computer.
    3. Often the problem can only be in the settings. Just go to the control panel and then to the mouse settings. Check if everything is turned on and configured correctly. It would seem - a banal reason.And people think for hours why the mouse is not working.
    4. If you have a USB mouse, you should first check whether the indicator is on when it is connected. For a clean experiment, try inserting the mouse into another USB port and restarting the computer.
    5. If you have older mice, with a PS / 2 plug, then you should see if the pins on the connector are bent. Carefully inspect both the plug itself and the port in the computer. If you find that the pins are bent, then try to give them the right look. However, be careful, they are very easy to break.
    6. If the mouse stops working in a particular game, then it is clear that the whole thing is in the settings, the game, and not in the manipulator. Go to the control settings and try to solve this problem by setting the appropriate values.

    One of the buttons on the mouse does not work.

    If the mouse works in principle, but only one of the buttons is out of order, then it becomes clear: it's not about the drivers and not about the USB port. The point is in one of the buttons. Just carefully disassemble the mouse and see if everything is in place. Most likely the micrick broke off - a small button inside. If you can somehow fix it - well, and if not, you will have to buy a new mouse. Fortunately, they are not too expensive today.

    Why mouse wheel does not work

    The mouse wheel may also not work for several reasons. First, the whole thing can be in the settings of Windows. Here you will be helped by the control panel in the computer. Secondly, a breakage inside may occur. To do this, disassemble the mouse using a small screwdriver, and look at the scroll inside. From the wheel itself, inside the mouse, the lever often departs to the side, which presses the button when you press the wheel. Notice if it is broken. If broken, then it can be replaced with something from improvised means. Glue or solder to plastic. Although today it is much easier to buy a new mouse than to perform such operations.

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