• Why monthly brown?

    For each girl at a certain stage of her life, a moment comes when she begins her period. Monthly - is the allocation of blood from women from the vagina. Normally, they should be red and odorless and be repeated at regular intervals. Ideally, menstruation should not give the woman any serious trouble.

    When menstruation begins, they may be irregular, appear once every three or four months, and this is considered normal. As the girls get older, the cycle should return to normal. If such failures occur in women with an already established cycle, this is already the result of certain problems in the body, and you need to consult a doctor to find out the reasons. The reasons to seem to the gynecologist are also excessive profusion of discharge, or vice versa, their scarcity, excessive pain and change in the color of menstrual blood.

    Sometimes menstruation becomes brown. So why the monthly brown? Brown is the result of oxidation and destruction of blood in the vagina. Why does this happen? The reasons for this may be different.

    Reasons not requiring treatment

    The appearance of dark discharge sometimes does not require treatment and is the norm.

    1. At maturity, girls may have scanty menstrual browns. This is normal and should pass with age.
    2. In the period of menopause, a woman may also receive scanty darkish discharge.
    3. Small brown secretions after menstruation are also not dangerous, provided that the woman is healthy.

    Causes requiring treatment

    If a woman of childbearing age suddenly began to appear such discharge, then this may be associated with a certain disease and requires treatment.

    1. Disorders of the pituitary and ovaries that regulate the function of the menstrual cycle can cause dark discharge.
    2. Frequent abortions and curettage can lead to endometrial inferiority, which, in turn, leads to such discharge.
    3. Irregular hormone production, which is responsible for menstrual function, can worsen hormone production. It can also cause menstruation in dark brown.
    4. Various inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system also adversely affect the course of menstruation.Endometriosis and endometritis, which cause inflammation in the uterus, can be the cause of dark menses, as well as brown discharge before and after menstruation, and even in the middle of the menstrual cycle.
    5. Hyperplasia and polyps in the uterus can also cause such bleeding.
    6. In pregnant women, the appearance of dark discharge means serious problems with the fetus. Abruption of the placenta or fetal egg threatens miscarriage, and therefore requires immediate hospitalization.
    7. There are many other reasons, including vitamin deficiency and anemia, anorexia, stress, and much more.

    In general, the causes of dark secretions should be diagnosed by a doctor after a full examination of the woman’s body. The required treatment must be carried out in full, otherwise the disease may become chronic, which is difficult to treat. So be attentive to your health!

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