• Why do birthmarks grow?

    Every person has birthmarks on the body, they appear at the very beginning of life. Having them on the human body is not dangerous in itself. There is even the opinion of some physicians that the abundance of moles is a sign of longevity. In this article we will look at whether moles grow and what they are like.

    Causes of birthmarks

    • Heredity moles - it is laid in human DNA. For this reason, a mole can form in the same place as that of close relatives.
    • Solar radiation is one of the main reasons. Under the action of ultraviolet rays on human skin, melanin begins to be produced. He is the main part of moles. If a glut of melanin occurs and the mole begins to grow, then there is a risk of a tumor, even malignant. It is important to monitor this.
    • A surge of hormones that are secreted by the pituitary gland, leads to a large formation of new moles. This phenomenon occurs mainly during puberty and during pregnancy, when a person's hormonal background changes completely. With hormonal changes, moles can both appear and disappear.
    • Papillomavirus - is also the basis for the emergence of new moles on the skin.It is observed in many people, but with proper nutrition, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and strong immunity, the virus is practically not manifested. Here it is important to monitor this.

    Considering the causes of moles, you should know that moles are red. This happens with dermatological problems and lipid metabolism.

    At what period do children have birthmarks

    Real mothers are beginning to be interested in many questions even before the birth of a child. And when the long-awaited baby is born, many mothers already know how to care for their baby, how to feed them properly, when the first teeth appear and much more. Great curiosity raises the question: when moles appear in a beloved baby. We already know that most moles are formed within 25 years, it is during this period that the body is formed and the person grows. In exceptional cases, the child is already born with a mole, in the form of a pigmented spot. Such spots are also called nevi. The presence of pigment cells is present in children from birth. If the birthmark of a child grows, itches, or he accidentally strips it, then immediately contact such specialists as a dermatologist and oncologist.Any changes in the structure of moles, is cause for concern.

    If hair grows from a mole

    This phenomenon happens often, and there is no reason for excitement. Scientists have shown that if hair grows from a mole, then there is a large accumulation of living cells in this area of ​​the skin. And such a mole can not be cancerous. Some people are afraid of hair removal, which is completely in vain. It will not lead to any disastrous results. But if you really fear, then just cut the hair. It does not bring any harm. Doctors recommend removing hair with electrolysis or tweezers. If you nevertheless decided to remove, and your mole began to ache and swell, immediately contact the hospital.

    In this article, we looked at some concepts about moles. Now you know why moles grow, what they are and what to do with them.

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