• Why do men not listen to women?

    Oksana Logunova
    Oksana Logunova
    February 4, 2013
    Why do men not listen to women?

    How often do we girls have to face the fact of male stubbornness. Each of us in our lives, approximately, a thousand times said the words: “Well, why don't you listen to me? For whom am I telling all this? You do not hear me? ”This does not mean at all that your second half does not love you. Just men do not have such a need for conversation, as women. So why don't men listen to women?


    English scientists conducted studies that showed that the reason for such behavior in men is hormonal and psychological background. In men and women, even the areas of the brain that are responsible for hearing are arranged differently. It is typical for women to speak, gesticulate, scream, switch to different sounds when talking. They are more emotional and restrained than men. And the most interesting thing is that the male brain perceives female speech as music.


    There is another answer to the question of why men do not listen to women. Reproduce the situation when a problem or trouble occurred. What does a woman do in this situation? He calls girlfriends and acquaintances only, and asks everyone for advice. He talks about his problem and looks for a way out collectively. At the same time, the man is silent and thinks what to do in this situation. Looking for a solution in silence. Although the emotions in his soul occur no less than that of a woman. The reason is sexual differences.


    What to do now, when it became clear and clear why men do not listen to women. We can offer several recommendations for solving this problem.

    • Always look for the right moment to talk. It depends on it, they will hear you or not. Do not distract a man with stories about the nail salon, when he tries to make an annual report on the work. In other words, if he is busy, then it is in your interest to wait until he finishes and just goes for coffee. Then you can chat.
    • Do not use blurry phrases in conversation. Men, they are alarming.Specify the topic of the conversation and the people you want to touch on in this conversation. It is necessary to interest the man in the conversation so that he himself would like to consult with you. Let him know that you are familiar with how things are at his work. In short, when a man knows what to expect from a conversation, it is not so scary.
    • In order for your man to hear you, be a little tricky. Ask questions so that he cannot give a monosyllabic answer. Ask leading questions.

    It is not necessary to create a problem, where there is none. No need to be mistaken about each other. Everything is fine. Just you are different. If a man and a woman show sympathy for each other, then one will learn to listen, and the second will understand that the most important and necessary thing for her man is, after all, hears.

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