• Why is equality of men and women still so far away?

    As soon as the concepts were sorted out, as they did, for example, in Europe, where the topic of gender is being introduced step-by-step from school, the following problem arises: men are not ready for equality of opportunity, because ... they are fine. For example, this week, this fact was perfectly illustrated by the news about male hormonal contraceptives: they have already been developed, underwent clinical studies and showed the same effective effect as the female ones, but they have not yet entered the open market. The reason for this - side effects in the form of a change of mood right up to the possible occurrence of depression, the risk of acne, muscle pain and jumps of sexual desire. It is not surprising that you will find exactly the same side effects in the annotations to female hormonal contraceptives, which have been on sale for almost half a century and millions of women take them regularly.But when it came to men, they were suddenly afraid to experience the same thing ...

    It turns out like in the very joke that has recently been browsing the Internet: only when giving birth, a woman can at least approximately understand the torments experienced by a man with a temperature of 37.2. But it's not funny anymore since you discover that there is some truth in this phrase.

    Being in words a strong sex, men are in fact gender, dependent on women and building their life on someone else’s service, and mostly female and free. To give up such prerogatives is to be a fool, and for this very reason, in matters of equality, we are still moving at the speed of a turtle.

    Why is equality of men and women still so far away?

    Men are certainly not stupid to reject the privileges they have received over the centuries and millennia. First of all, it concerns homework and parenting - two classes, which in the female interpretation turn into dreary daily work, and in the male - into a pleasant hobby. What do men usually do at home in most families? Screw something, fix, glue, transport - all this from time to time,in the format "if necessary, then I will come to the rescue", and they are also responsible for the car as the main movable family value, which must be cherished and cherished. Women, on the other hand, get all those household duties that can not be shifted to one day of the week, but you have to do it regularly: cooking and washing dishes, cleaning and washing things.

    And when it comes to children, in a family, as in a joint venture, men immediately get the "post" of a minor assistant, which should arise on demand, but again not every day

    They are delegated responsibilities such as taking the child to school or playing soccer with him on weekends - those that require attendance, but do not need to be aware of all the needs of the child that need to be constantly kept in mind. In reality, most men in the role of fathers, even in undecided families, are something like the "Sunday Pope", whose duties can theoretically be easily performed by someone third - a nanny, chauffeur or coach, for example. The role of the woman in education, even if she has paid work outside the home, turns out to be comprehensive: the child needs not only to feed three times a day,but also remember which foods are allergic to him, and remember to report this at school at the next parent meeting.

    Why is equality of men and women still so far away?

    Men under the dome of their “employment” and seriousness avoid all the tedious homework, choosing only those that do not adversely affect their self-esteem - for example, make a barbecue on Saturday and tell everyone what a professional he is in frying meat, instead of burning baby porridge on Wednesday morning and for this reason late for work.

    Placing and covertly identifying a woman as the main guardian of a child, men have the right to have fun with children exclusively - to go in for sports, go to the hardware stores and watch TV without scoring the psychological problems of the younger generation, and in addition, regardless of the presence or absence of children, getting a regular hot dinner after work, clean linen and tidy apartment

    At the same time, the maximum that they can be asked to do is to wash the dishes (although here you can otmazatsya with promises to do it after the match and just forget it), drop in for groceries (this task can also be removed later, because “you still can’t buy something” ) and do not come back so late home next Friday.

    No, so simply men will never sacrifice their life stance of a “beloved son” - and from birth to old age. He also, in order to be loved, doesn’t really need to do anything, just avoid outright impudence and crime. And so the women themselves will read articles in magazines in the spirit of “How to fix it”, “Why a woman is to blame for the family misfortune” and “How to satisfy him like a real porn star”, and life will surely get better. There will be a caring and courteous attitude to him, for he is not used to the other, there will be passionate sex, otherwise he will simply find a mistress, and there will be a beautiful, slim, always combed and deliciously smelling wife. And if this does not cope, then the other will be able to - younger. In patriarchy, a minimum of personal care is required of men, and the fact of the very presence of a man is enough. You do not need to search the Internet for information on how to hide a beer belly, it is not necessary to contact a plastic surgeon to remove fat from your knees, and you don’t even have to go to a hairdresser if you have bought a portable haircut machine. And all those days, hours and minutes, saved on the "lack of care" for themselves and for their loved ones and completely ignoring the magical fact from which clean shirts appear in the closet, and the children in notebooks have completed lessons,men can, without remorse, put it on what they like: on kebabs, football and sofa with a newspaper.

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