• Why do games give an error?

    To make the game easy to install and run without problems, it’s not enough to find a good resource for downloading it. You also need to run the game and work fine on your computer, and this requires matching a large number of a variety of parameters. If there is at least a small problem in the system or in the game itself, the game will either not start at all or will work with errors.

    Next, we will talk about the most common problems encountered during installation and launch of the game and how to solve them.

    Errors: what are and how to remove them

    Can not install

    Such a problem may occur if you have a broken archive or a deliberately corrupted (possibly, even a virus-containing) file. If the program does not want to be installed, simply find another source for downloading the game and try again.

    Also, problems can often arise due to excessive scrupulousness of the antivirus and software protection of the computer. You can try to disable your antivirus and firewall.Just keep in mind that you can only do this when you are convinced that the file is harmless, otherwise you just risk infecting your PC with serious digital parasites, which, of course, will not benefit him. Sometimes launching applications and games can be difficult due to viruses already present on the computer. Scan the system and remove pests.

    In addition, an installation problem may occur if the installation disk is damaged. Then there will be nothing left but to buy a new one.

    If nothing happens

    If you have installed the game, but when you start it, absolutely nothing happens, then perhaps the reason is the absence of the following programs on the computer:

    • Net Framework and Xna Framework Microsoft (required not only for games, but also for many other useful applications);
    • Games for windows live (necessary for online games).

    DirectX Errors

    They may look like this:

    • d3dx9_43.dll;
    • xinput1_3.dll;
    • d3dx9_31.dll;
    • d3dx9_34.dll;
    • xinput1_2.dll and others.

    DirectX is vital for your computer to correctly play games and some other multimedia applications that have solid graphics, surround sound, and three-dimensional animation. If the PC gives the above errors, then you need to either install this program on the computer, or simply update the existing version.

    And for the newest, most advanced (and this is almost all the most popular toys), DirectX 11 versions will be required. But here you need to consider that this program is only on Windows 7, 8 and Vista. But XP does not support it, and therefore the games / applications that require this version of the program will not work for you. You will need to either install another OS, or try to enable compatibility with your OS version. This can be done by right-clicking on the game icon and selecting "Properties." Next, go to the “Compatibility” tab, put a tick in the “Run the program in compatibility mode with ...” window, and then select the required option in the drop-down list.

    Mss32.dll error

    The reason why the games give an error of this kind may be the lack of the necessary software or the incorrect installation of the file itself. So try:

    • upgrade directx;
    • remove and reinstall the toy;
    • update or reinstall the drivers for the video card (this can be done from the website of the official manufacturer of your product);
    • update or reinstall the drivers on the sound card.

    And with regard to drivers, I would like to note that they should be updated regularly.If the update for some reason does not occur, then at one point any of the applications or the game, the program simply will not start. And the fact that you are playing one game does not at all mean that all the others should go, especially the new ones. After all, the games are constantly updated, improved, and therefore the system requirements for them are growing.

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