• Why is the eyelid twitching?

    Elena Shchugoreva
    Elena Shchugoreva
    December 18, 2012
    Why is the eyelid twitching?

    Many have experienced the troubles associated with the "twitching" of the century. One feels that these muscle contractions are so strong that they are visible to others. And in fact they are visible! This makes you even more nervous. But you should just find out why the eyelid is twitching and begin to eliminate these causes.

    The main reason

    The main reason for this condition is a nervous tic. It occurs when your nervous system is overstressed. This happens when you are very worried, or previously very nervous. It can also happen in a calm state, but when you work a lot and are tired. Overstrain of the muscles develops from fatigue, and the "jerking" of the century also begins. If this problem is small, then you can try folk remedies, like valerian and motherwort. But it’s best to go to a doctor right away.

    Set the causes of stress

    You realized that the cause of your illness was stress. But in order to remove the tick, it is necessary to eliminate the causes of stress.We begin to understand what makes you worry so much. Think about whether you have an overvoltage at work? If there is a lot of it, and you do not always manage to cope with the volume, then you internally begin to accumulate irritation and discontent. Hence the stress.

    Insomnia is often the answer to the question of why the upper eyelid is twitching. Sleep should be at least 7 hours a day. Women need longer sleep than men. If you can not sleep more than an hour after you go to bed, contact your doctor.

    Do you come running from work and start doing household chores? Or run to the second job? Or sit down for textbooks, get ready for a test or an exam? Lack of rest can also cause stress.

    Fatigue of the body can come when you often travel on business trips. Such constant travel accumulates both physical and nervous fatigue. Tick ​​can occur very easily.

    And one more very sad reason why the lower eyelid, upper eyelid, or corner of the eye twitches. This is the collapse of the family, frequent scandals, reproaches, cares and the parishes of the second half, and the more alcoholism of a family member.Such a situation can lead not only to tics, and to nervous exhaustion.

    Nervous tic occurs frequently in those who have recently had any serious illness. Long-lasting health problems, especially with surgery, do not deliver anything pleasant to anyone. A person winds himself up with thoughts about the fact that everything goes to the loss of health. This undoubtedly injures a very strong nervous system, a tick on the face can occur, and even very strong.

    And one more addition. If your relatives are prone to tics, then you will most likely have them. Genetic predisposition influences this process. But you can live with it! Less external irritants to the heart, try to consult a doctor in time, if trouble still arose.

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