• Why do you need education?

    Often, when a small child begins to learn the world, he is told that time will pass, he will go to school, then he will study at the institute, get an education and become a big person. A boy or girl listens attentively and agrees, and in his thoughts he draws himself either as a student of the school, then as a student of the university, still not knowing why education is needed. Why do we need it?

    All the pros and cons

    The knowledge and skills that we gain in the process of education often become the foundation on which our entire life is built. In recent years, we have more and more people who have higher, sometimes two higher education. Good work, decent wages, a good life and wealth are those factors that push a young person to learn.

    And the hopes and plans of young people who gnaw the granite of science come true? Why do I need a higher education if it is difficult to find work with him? Sometimes there are cases that people who were excellent students at the institute and finished it with distinction sell on the market.And how many homeless people in the country have higher education! At the same time, it will not be a secret to anyone that in our society, people who do not have higher education, have safely arranged their lives, they are rich and secured, have a high status. They reached the heights of prosperity when the qualities of a leader were beyond education.

    It often happens that when applying for a not very prestigious place of work, the employer asks to show a document on higher education. Thus, our guards know foreign languages, and the cleaners are confident PC users. Therefore, it would be desirable that a person who has studied in a higher educational institution for several years has the guarantee that he, as a young specialist, will qualify for a decent salary and work in his specialty. So that he does not have to go to work as a salesman, administrator or secretary with a diploma of a teacher, doctor or other public-sector worker because they have more wages.

    Many of our citizens who have received a higher education cannot accept the salary offers that the employer gives them.Unable to feed their families, they leave for work abroad. Well, if the device on the workplace will be a specialty, which happens very rarely. Often, such people become governess, hawkers at a construction site, simple workers.

    Of course - in favor

    Why study? - you ask. Life goes forward, requirements change, and today society requires high-level specialists. The development of technology and information technology is taking place at an accelerated pace, which means that we need specialists who will understand all the new products. And this development is like in every field, so experts need different areas and specialties.

    The minimum education that a person needs in order to live in society is given to him by school. Here, sitting at a school desk, you have written an essay more than once on why education is needed. And everyone, in the first place, wrote that education was needed in order to find a prestigious job. But we still need education in order to increase our self-esteem, to feel ourselves in society as a competent person who is knowledgeable in science, art, culture and other spheres of social development.So, you do not need to think about why I need education? Think about what kind of education I want? And strive to ensure that all your dreams and desires come true.

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