• What is the dream of the wind?

    Elena Krylova
    Elena Krylova
    August 7, 2012
    What is the dream of the wind?

    There is a song of one very famous foreign group “Wind of Changes”. So, in the very title of this song lies the meaning of many dreams in which we see the wind.

    Why dream of the wind, you probably already guessed. The wind dreams of change, and the stronger it is, the stronger and faster life will change. Such a dream sometimes means a change of job, and if you are frightened by this wind, it speaks of your future difficulties in connection with this event, but everything will cost in the end. Why dream of a strong wind? If you are going against a strong wind, then such a dream promises you wisdom and long life acquired as a result of overcoming difficulties.

    Young girls can bring a wind in their sleep to a long-awaited marriage proposal, and to men this dream can predict the appearance of strong feelings that can lead to a wedding.

    To hear the wind, especially its howling, is to anxieties, to difficulties and hardships in the future. The stronger the wind will howl, the more trouble awaits you. A light and pleasant breeze promises joy and peace of mind.

    If the wind suddenly picks up heaps of garbage and dust from the ground, breaks trees and damages buildings, then you should expect events that will affect not only you alone, but also many people around you.

    A hat or hat, blown off the wind from your head, promises you a sudden loss of your position, so be vigilant.

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