• Why dream of washing?

    Elena Krylova
    Elena Krylova
    August 13, 2012
    Why dream of washing?

    Washing oneself, someone or something in a dream is extremely symbolic and, in order to figure it out, you need to know why you are dreaming to wash something or someone.

    What dreams to wash floors

    If you dream that you are washing the floors, it means that you are unhappy with your position in society, it seems to you that you are underestimated or your advantages diminish. Especially if you wash the floors at work, and this activity seems demeaning to you. This means that you take on any job, but you are still not valued as an employee, you cannot realize yourself and you do not get pleasure from your work in reality. But the meaning of sleep changes if it dreams of a woman washing floors in her home. This suggests that she is happy in family life, and everything suits her. But if someone suddenly sees a dream, that he washes the floor from stains, and even more so, from blood, this means that the person is trying to hide something tarnishing him, or trying to impersonate someone else. Cleaning the floor in his apartment sometimes it means the arrival of guests.

    Why dream of washing your hair or washing yourself

    To wash your hair in a dream - to success in business, to order in your family. To wash yourself means that a person is too proud and boasts of his love adventures, that he should think about his soul, be purified spiritually. Hand washing says that you are trying to disclaim responsibility for some kind of act. Just like in the Bible, where Pontius Pilate declined responsibility for the execution of Jesus Christ. It can also mean your doubts on a very important issue. When a mother dreams that she washes her baby, this is evidence that in life she is trying to protect him from the disease. If you dream that you are washing a man of the opposite sex, this indicates your sexual dissatisfaction.

    Why dream of washing dishes

    Washing dishes in a dream is a sign that you think and worry about your family life. If in the process of washing the plate fell and broke, it means that you are not all well in the family, but you do not show this to anyone and keep everything to yourself. That which is hidden in the subconscious, all secret thoughts, doubts, fears and experiences - all this is reflected in our dreams. Thus, dreams of washing rather not a prediction, but the disclosure of the secrets of our soul.

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