• Why does the computer hang?

    Not only people are ill, but also the equipment. And even such a complex and seemingly well-thought-out device, like a computer, can at times be “depressed”. Most often this is manifested in the so-called "freeze" - a situation where the system stops responding to user commands. Having identified the source of the problem, you can return your favorite assistant to your favorite assistant.

    Top 5 reasons for PC hang


    These malicious cybernetic "microorganisms" can become a real disaster for the computer. By causing irreparable damage to software, trojans, spyware, and other pests significantly slow down your computer and Internet connections.

    Be sure to install a quality antivirus. Moreover, it is desirable to choose from solid paid versions, since free programs are for the most part much less effective. After installation, make it a rule to regularly scan your computer for viruses.


    If you have difficulties in working with applications or the computer is automatically reloaded at any convenient time for it and is not at a convenient time for you, then it is quite possiblethat the problem lies in the RAM. Moreover, even a new, very powerful RAM can be faulty.

    To exclude it from the list of potential computer hangover provocateurs, it is necessary to conduct testing. If you know how to work in the DOS system, then download the program MemTest 86+ (or any other convenient for you) and evaluate the performance of the RAM. If the disk OS for you is a dark forest, then you can download the S & M utility and use it to test the RAM in Windows.


    This term refers to the computer software with which the operating system accesses the hardware. If some drivers "flew off" or "got crooked", then this may well be the reason why the computer hangs or gives an error when performing certain tasks (for example, when listening to audio, running applications, etc.).

    In this case, you will need to determine which tasks your PC cannot handle. This will help you understand what kind of drivers you are having. After that, the driver can be replaced with a newer one or, on the contrary, you can download an older version (depending on the situation).


    The disk may be damaged or badly fragmented. Both the first and second negatively affect its performance (up to a complete failure to work) and, accordingly, reduces the speed of the computer.

    It is best to test the hard drive using specialized professional programs like Victoria or MHDD. They will provide more accurate and objective data.

    Video card

    This element is extremely important for the correct operation of the computer with various kinds of graphics, and therefore if you are wondering why the games hang on the computer, then first of all it makes sense to check the video card.

    It may be damaged or there may be some problems with the drivers installed for it. In addition, its power may simply not be enough to correctly display your toy. Therefore, do not forget, before downloading games, always carefully study the minimum system requirements, compliance with which will ensure a stable good operation of the application.

    If the computer slows down when playing video, it makes sense to check not only the video card and the drivers for it, but also the player itself.Try reinstalling or replacing it with another one.

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