• Why not start the scooter?

    Scooter - quite popular recently in Russia means of transportation. Most often, young people and students drive a scooter who have not yet accumulated on a car and, as a rule, have no experience in repairing vehicles, and it is difficult for them to repair even the simplest possible breakdown, and if the scooter suddenly stops starting, it can lead them in a stupor. But in vain, because in some cases it is not so difficult to figure out why a scooter stalls.

    Does not start with a button

    If the scooter does not start only with a special "Start" button, and with the "legs" (kickstarter) this procedure goes without problems, then most likely the problem lies in the main fuse located in the battery compartment. To check if it is working, you need a multimeter:

    1. Turn the multimeter into DC voltage mode.
    2. Measure the voltage before and after the fuse.
    3. On the fuse, either the voltage should not fall at all, or its fall should be hundredths of a volt, otherwise the fuse needs to be replaced - it “steals” the voltage from the starting system and is not enough for the plant.

    The problem may be not only in the fuse, perhaps the integrity of the connecting conductors in the starting circuit of the engine. Dealing with such a malfunction will be more difficult, you need to have an electrical circuit of this circuit and at least a little to be able to read such circuits. You can find the electrical connection scheme of scooters, which is relevant for most Chinese models.

    Does not start with a button or a kickstarter

    This problem is, of course, more serious, but if you try to start a scooter after the winter, it will probably be solved very simply. The reason that the scooter will not start after a long absence of use - old gasoline - drain it, fill it with a new one and try to start it now.

    If the change of gasoline did not help, you need to check the spark plug - does it give a spark? For this:

    1. Remove the seat and locate the spark plug cap.
    2. Pull the cap towards you. Important! Do not try to unscrew the cap - just pull, otherwise you may damage the contact of the wire and the cap.
    3. Unscrew the candle. If, when removing the candle, you notice any defects on the nagari type on it, then it can be said without verification that it is faulty.In addition, the candle may be wet, in which case dry it before checking.
    4. Insert the candle into the cap, lean one of its outer metal edges against the metal part of the engine (away from the gas tank!), Press the "Start" button and look into the gap where there should be a spark.

    Evaluate the result:

    • White spark - the candle is working;
    • blue-green spark - candle cleaning or replacement required;
    • the spark is white but weak - update the contact of the high-voltage wire and the cap of the candle.

    If there is no spark, then either the spark plug is faulty and needs to be replaced, or the problem lies in the leakage of current - the exposed part of the high-voltage wire contacts the metal part of the scooter or moisture (it can accumulate even in the most seemingly hard-to-reach places of the scooter puddles).

    If the spark plug is working and the scooter doesn’t start, you will have to change the ignition coil, the ignition sensor and the switch one by one. It is likely that one of these parts is faulty.

    In the event that all of the above replacements did not help, this means that the problem lies not in the ignition system, it is quite possible the reason why the scooter does not start - a faulty power system - check the gas tank, fuel valve, fuel pump, starting enrichment agent.

    If everything is clean, you can still disassemble the carburetor and flush it, and also check the compression with a special compressometer. And these measures did not help? Well, it is necessary to contact the technical center.

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