• Why not see the memory card?

    Sometimes there are situations when a device does not see the memory card. Find out why this is happening and how to fix this problem.

    The phone does not see the memory card

    In the file browser of the phone, absolutely all files on the flash card are not always displayed. As a rule, this is due to the fact that on this removable disk many elements of the system can be assigned the attribute "Hidden". In order to change it, you need to connect a removable drive using the adapter or the USB cable of the phone to the computer. Then the card should be checked for viruses and opened with the help of the explorer. Now in the operating system you need to enable the display of hidden items. To do this, in the “Tools” menu, select the “Folder Options” item. After that, go to the appearance settings tab, scroll to the end of the list, uncheck the “Hide extensions for registered files” box and check the box “Show hidden files and folders”.Finally, apply and save the changes.

    The computer does not see the memory card

    If, when loading documents through a card reader, you find that your computer does not see a memory card, you need to do a number of the following actions to help remedy this situation.

    • First you need to make sure that the device for storing and recording information is installed correctly in the computer. There is a possibility that it is the storage and recording device itself that is damaged. Then you need to format it. However, it should be noted that in this case absolutely all information stored on it will be deleted from the device.
    • Another reason that the computer does not see the memory card is a problem in the drivers. In this case, you need to perform a system restore. To do this, go to the "Start" menu, then to the "Utilities" and click on "System Restore." Next you need to select a restore point and follow all instructions of the recovery wizard. Thus, the problem is likely to be eliminated.
    • A laptop can sometimes not see the memory card due to the appearance of a problem in the card reader itself. Thus, it turns out that this card reader does not see the memory card. Then solve the problem yourself will not work. It is best to seek help from a highly qualified specialist.
    • If you really need a card reader, you can use a temporary solution - these are various portable card readers that should be connected to your computer via USB. However, you still should not delay the campaign with your computer to a specialist, because sometimes the problem with the card reader can have a much more serious cause, such as problems with the motherboard.
    • In addition, the problem when the tablet does not see the memory card may occur due to the incompatibility of the new card with the outdated tablet model. In this case, you should perform a flashing of the device or install a special patch. Also, sometimes the tablet can not see the memory card due to moisture on the motherboard. Then it is necessary to carry out the cleaning of the motherboard, and maybe other work, depending on the scale of the water damage.

    The camera does not see the memory card

    Of course, this is a very unpleasant situation when the camera does not want to recognize the memory card. Then disappears every opportunity to produce photofilming. What are the reasons for this and how to correct the interference?

    There may be several reasons for this kind of malfunction.

    • First of all, it should be noted that the flash card can simply be simply blocked. To solve this problem is quite easy, you just need to move the lever, which is located on the side of the map.
    • If you have done the above described manipulation, but the problem still remains, then you need to determine exactly where, or rather, what the secret lies: there may be a problem in the camera itself. To check this, simply insert another flash card into the device. If the camera recognizes it, then the problem is definitely not in it. Then you should format the broken memory card.
    • Another reason why the camera does not see the memory card may be the discrepancy between the volume of the card for this camera. Then there will be only one solution to the problem - replacing the card.
    • In the event that the cause of the malfunction is not a flash card, but the camera itself, then the case takes a more complex turn.It is better not to try to cope with this problem by yourself; you need to contact a service center for help. It should be borne in mind that the problem in this case may be hiding in anything. This may be a malfunction of the connector for the flash card, and problems with the sensors or the camera, as well as a malfunction of any element in the system board.

    Causes of memory card damage

    Flash drives are quite tenacious compared with other removable media, they are more durable and reliable CD / DVD drives, better than hard drives transfer different loads and falls. The main reasons for the failure of memory cards are only three:

    • The controller failed to extract the flash drive while reading / writing to it.
    • Physical wear of memory chips (exceeding the number of rewriting cycles).
    • Damage to the flash drive due to mechanical impact (bounce, fall).

    Only the first case can be corrected; for this, it is enough either to just format the drive, or to reflash its controller. If the information on the memory card is too valuable for you, contact the special organization that deals with the recovery of data from damaged media.

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