• Why do you need a math tutor and how to choose it?

    Mathematics is the main subject in school, each student needs to pass an exam in grades 9-11 to show their knowledge of the subject and get a certificate. In reality, we often face the imperfection of mathematical education, since the child is forced to engage in standardized programs that do not take into account individual abilities.

    Authors of textbooks in assignments count on an abstract and almost ideal student. One of the main functions of teachers is to adapt the material to the particular class. But as a result, it turns out that one of the students is weaker, someone is stronger and everyone needs different teaching methods to improve results. Many gifted children often cannot reveal their abilities, because they simply do not know effective ways to solve problems, because of that the teacher does not pay attention to this.

    It is important to keep track of the individual characteristics of the child, but in the absence of a personal approach, in class conditions it is simply impossible. This should be the function of the tutor - he can assess the abilities and psychological characteristics of the child, making a training plan, taking into account all factors.

    When do I need to contact a teacher?

    It is recommended to contact math tutors in the following situations:

    • backlog from the school curriculum;
    • the need for advanced training in the subject - transfer to a specialized school, preparation for entrance exams;
    • problems with teaching mathematics in the classroom - it is important to monitor not the grades, but the level of knowledge of the material;
    • preparation for the exam and GIA.

    If a student has certain gaps in knowledge, it is desirable to eliminate them as soon as possible. A lag in one topic leads to a misunderstanding of the next.

    How to choose a good teacher?

    To select a qualified tutor, you must follow a few simple rules.

    • Clearly form a goal. In this case, do not limit yourself to simple - pass the exam. It is important to understand what specific score is needed for admission to a particular university.
    • It is necessary to evaluate several teachers and spend time on a preliminary analysis. Talk to familiar parents who already have a child’s experience with a tutor, study several candidate questionnaires. Look for information on social networks and forums.
    • Study the reviews, it is for them you can understand what the teacher specializes in. It is better to choose a tutor who works in a certain profile and has good experience in this field.
    • Decide where classes will be held - at home or at the teacher. Some pupils will fit remote lessons on skype. Based on the classroom, it will be possible to choose a teacher more specifically so as not to travel to the other end of the city.

    In the questionnaires of tutors, pay attention to the key parameters:

    • age;
    • education;
    • experience;
    • successes and achievements.

    Do not overestimate the achievements of the teacher. In most cases, there is no reason to hire a distinguished teacher who has many titles and awards. If you need to pass the exam for 80 points, then a senior student with work experience or a qualified school teacher will successfully help you with this goal.

    Be sure to ask the teacher about the success of the students. This is the main indicator of the quality of knowledge that the student will receive from the tutor.

    How long do you need to do with a tutor?

    It all depends on the tasks and the initial level of training of the student. In order to prepare for the Unified State Examination for university entrance, it is desirable to start borrowing from the beginning of the school year in the 11th grade, i.e. training will continue for almost the entire year.

    For older students can combine full-time and distance classes. At the same time, you can save a lot, since many teachers make a discount on online lessons of 10 - 20%.

    How much are classes?

    Individual work with a tutor will cost about 1,200 rubles per hour. The cost will depend on the qualifications of the teacher, work experience, as well as the abilities of the student. Note that the price of remote lessons starts from 300 - 400 rubles, while you can choose teachers from other regions and thus receive an even lower cost of classes.

    math tutor

    Of course, it’s not worth saving and choosing a bad teacher, just to be. It is necessary to correctly evaluate the methods of work and look at what constitutes the pricing policy of a particular teacher.Many tutors unreasonably overestimate the price of lessons.

    The iLoveToLearn.ru project will help you find the best teacher. Specialists of the center will help you choose a teacher for free based on the requirements and goals. Leave the contact phone number on the site, and after 15 minutes the administrator will contact you to clarify the details of the application and start the search.

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