• Why do they drink beer?

    The effect of alcohol on the brain has long been studied and proven by doctors. In the body of both man and animal there is an organ that is responsible for pleasure. It is called the limbic system, and activates its vestibular organ. Scientists discovered it at the end of the 19th century and are still exploring it with excitement, each time finding something unique. So, the metabolic sensor is a structural part of the peripheral vestibular organ. It is the most sensitive in the body. If a person is hungry, the metabolism shifts to oxidative processes. For the body, it is a signal of danger, and alcohol is a powerful reducing agent that quickly normalizes balance and gives rise to a feeling of pleasure. In fact, it turns out that we live in an eternal balance between pleasure and danger.

    Our vestibular organ consists of several projections, one of which is vestibular-limbic. Under normal conditions of life, it improves mood, with pathologies, on the contrary, causes disturbances in food, emotional, sexual behavior, “includes” phobias, nightmares, panic attacks.It turns out that the close connection between the limbic and vestibular systems excites the center of pleasure and at the same time causes inhibition of the center of danger. That is why they drink beer, and drinking is often perceived as a remedy for stress, depression and panic. For example, a guy drinks beer to relax after a work day or forget about the wrongs caused by someone.

    Lactating mother drinks beer: the norm or not

    Unlike other types of alcoholic beverages, for the production of which alcohol is used, beer impresses with its “naturalness”. Alcohol in it causes the presence of live bacteria. This fact makes many people think not only about the absence of harm to the drink, but also about its possible beneficial properties. For example, there is a perception that if a nursing mother drinks beer in small quantities, the yeast contained in the drink will contribute to the production of milk. In fact, doctors are very skeptical of this kind of statements. The fact is that the stimulation of lactation, which can be caused at the time of beer consumption (by the way, can be NOT caused), has not been proven by anyone. There is simply no scientific evidence for this.

    Another thing if a nursing woman for no reason at all has a desire to drink a glass of beer. Doctors confidently say: if you really want - you can. True, in very limited quantities. The fact is that during the lactation period there is a loss of vitamins and minerals necessary for a woman and the body, feeling exactly what substances are missing, causes a keen desire to try a product rich in such substances. In the case of beer, it can be vitamins of group B, which in beer contains a considerable amount. By the way, for the same reason, some children drink beer - the required dose of vitamin B is not enough. So, you can drink a bit, the main thing is that the beer itself be non-alcoholic, and the dose moderate. After all, the drink will definitely fall into the milk and how the baby’s body will react to such a meal is a serious question.

    Is beer harmful to pregnant women?

    I am pregnant. I drink beer once a day. It's unhealthy? - these words began a message on one of the women's forums. Answering the question, experts assure that if there is no hard taboo on small beer consumption for a nursing mother, then a veto is imposed on a pregnant woman.Let's start with the fact that in store beer there is a huge amount of preservatives, for which the shelf life of the product greatly increases. Some of them will reach the baby in the womb.

    Another nuance is that beer is a diuretic product. And during pregnancy, the load on the kidneys is already serious. Finally, the last: beer causes certain taste tastes. For example, eat something salty (fish, chips, crackers). Such products are extremely undesirable, especially in the last months of pregnancy. An increased salt content in the body leads to severe edema. Irresponsible girls drink beer, being on all terms of pregnancy. The result can be extremely deplorable: from premature birth to miscarriage.

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