• Why do I need a colon?

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    Why do I need a colon?

    Punctuation marks are a system of symbols used in a written language. The same punctuation marks in different languages are put differently and have different meanings. In general, they are necessary to structure the written speech, because it does not hear pauses or intonations that we could say out loud in a normal situation.

    A colon is a punctuation mark that is placed inside a sentence. Why do I need a colon? It means that the parts between which it is set are interconnected or different from each other. The colon is used in both simple and complex sentences and is intended to focus on what follows it.

    Why do you need a colon in writing?

    • The colon must be placed when listing after the generalizing word �How many kinds of sweets were in that store: chocolate, puff, caramel, marmalade, cotton candy, cinnamon buns�.
    • Why do I need a colon? Writing, if you write it on a literary work, often requires quotes from the original source.In direct speech sentences, the colon separates the words of the author and the direct speech. "I took a long pause and said:" He left forever, he will never return here again. " When inserting a quote from the text in your essay, put a colon and then quotes.
    • In complex sentences, the colon is used if one of the simple sentences explains or supplements the other: "He knew that the killer was still in the room, he had good reason: there were traces in the whole room, except for the doors."

    So, if you need to write an essay-reasoning about why a colon is needed, you can explain that it is necessary to focus on any parts of the sentence that differ from the main text. This is an enumeration of homogeneous members of the sentence after the generalizing word, the selection of direct speech, the explanation of one sentence to others.

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