• Why computer makes strange sounds

    Noisy computers

    There are cool game monsters. For them, noiselessness is not important. Only performance is important. Gamers accelerate the already fast processors to critical speeds. Install incredible graphics cards with extreme characteristics. All this is heated. The temperature inside the computer is growing, and the heat needs to be removed. This requires very powerful, but noisy fans.
    If a gamer cares not only about speed, but also about himself, he will supply a more expensive cooling system. For example liquid. And then there will be no noise, no problems with heat dissipation.
    There are high-performance servers of large companies. They roar like little planes. This is their normal state. Therefore, they put these computers in special server rooms equipped with air conditioning and uninterrupted power supply. Constantly being with them in the same room is not just impossible, but harmful to human health.
    But an ordinary home computer should work almost silently.


    A good computer is literally packed with different fans.
    A computer can have up to a dozen fans. There is always a fan in the power supply. The processor has its own cooler. The fans are installed on the video card and on the disks. And on the case you can install an additional several pieces.
    Like any mechanism, they require periodic maintenance. Dust is clogged in the blades. Bearings inside the fans are worn out. Then the computer makes strange sounds, all sorts of whistles and creaks. The method of struggle - regular cleaning of the computer from dust. Helps periodic lubrication of fan bearings. There is also a radical way - the replacement of a noisy product.


    But there are sounds and worse. You turn on the computer, and from it “clack-clack” is heard.
    A healthy hard disk does not indicate its presence. He is quiet and performing. And begins to produce extraneous sounds only in the event of problems.
    This is a harbinger of hard disk trouble. His urgent need to check. Valuable information is better to save to other disks. No matter where, the main thing is to have a copy.Otherwise you risk losing your memorable photos or almost finished thesis.

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