• Why do cats shed?

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    Why do cats shed?

    A cat is an animal that closely interacts with a person, is its friend and even its helper. But if you want to have a fluffy pet at home, you need to calculate the pros and cons, because These animals require constant care and attention.

    A huge problem for the owners of cats can be their wool, or rather, its loss. Getting a cat, you need to prepare for the fact that, most likely, its wool will be all over the house, as well as on clothes, and getting rid of it is not so easy. The reason why cats shed may be both a regular seasonal molt and a serious animal disease.

    Within normal limits

    Seasonal moult cats is a normal change of hair, it is like hair loss in humans. It sharpens in the autumn-spring period and is inherent in almost all breeds of cats. Interesting is the fact that street cats moult once a year - most often in the spring, and pets can molt almost always.

    But there are cats that do not shed.These are sphinxes, absolutely bald cats, they just have nothing to fade, as well as Cornish Rex and Devon Rex, breeds of cats that molt much less, because have an unusual wool structure similar to astrakhan fur.

    Due to illness

    If the loss of cat's hair occurs too often and intensely, this may be the cause of the disease, lack of vitamins, or a consequence of a certain stressful situation. First of all, you should change the diet of the cat, as she simply may not have enough nutrients. You will need to buy a new, vitamin-fortified feed, or add vitamins to your food.

    It is also necessary to find out if the cat has recently had stressful situations. If the cat was frightened by a sharp sound or the move from place to place was badly reflected on it, then you just need to let the cat move away from it, giving it a little more attention and care. If this does not help either, the best way is to seek help from a veterinarian, who will diagnose and prescribe treatment according to the test results.

    Choosing a pet, of course, it is worth reviewing which cats shed, who has what character and who eats what, but still, it is worth remembering that the cat is your friend and you should treat it with love and affection.Forget about these clumps of hair, because it is not a disaster.

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