• Why are my feet itching?

    A person's feet may be scratched to varying degrees, both weakly and very strongly. Severe scratching may cause inflammation. There are many reasons that cause this unpleasant feeling. In order to know how to cure it, you need to know the cause of the itch, that is, why the feet itch.

    Why are they itching

    Often these sensations occur in the winter. At this time, the human body is deficient in vitamins. Another cause may be dehydration of the skin. Shaving and depilation of the legs too often, when some products are used for these procedures, can also cause excessive dryness of the legs. To make the skin dry can hard water, which contains a large amount of mineral salts. Itchy feet for the following diseases:

    • Phlebeurysm,
    • Endocrine gland diseases
    • Liver disease,
    • Diabetes.

    Feet are scratched, in most cases, due to athlete's disease (fungal infection). Very often, the reason why the legs itch are the bites of mosquitoes and other bloodsuckers.And the most banal reason - fatigue of the hind limbs after a busy day of work.

    Varicose veins

    If this disease occurs for a long time, then itching and eczema begin to develop, since the venous outflow of blood is disturbed. Feet may itch at any time of the day or night. Above the veins, the skin becomes thinner, itchy areas are combed, and this can cause wounds. To improve your health, do the following:

    • treat hormonal ointments affected areas;
    • long walks are recommended;
    • wearing compression stockings and tights;
    • do not use alkaline soap for washing the feet (it causes itching);
    • after washing, treat the skin with diluted boric acid or lemon juice.


    Most often, itching in the legs appears after the sixth month. However, this symptom is not very common. Itching in the legs usually increases at night, and the surface of the skin in itchy areas begins to acquire a yellow tint. Why are itching in women during pregnancy? The fact is that during this crucial period, the level of estrogen rises, which inhibits the movement of bile in the liver.The body begins to accumulate bile acids, and this provokes pruritus.


    With this disease, itching can occur on almost the entire surface of the body, but only one legs can often itch. In diabetes, blood cleaning is an effective way against itching. After this procedure, you completely forget about this unpleasant feeling for a while. Still, the most effective method is to control the sugar content in the blood and strict adherence to the diet.

    Why are children’s feet scratching

    In children, complaints of itching in the legs are quite common. Most often, the feet itch because of allergies, from mosquito bites, when in contact with drugs, chemical or household allergens. Children under the age of 5 years often have hives. This is an allergic disease, during which red spots appear on the legs. They are denser than the surrounding skin. Most fail to pinpoint the allergen. Therefore, parents who have a child with allergies should be protected in every possible way from contact with allergens. This concerns, first of all, synthetic clothing.

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