• Why am I alone?

    �Why am I alone?� - often men ask themselves this question, who have no beloved woman or true friends. If you are not alone at will, then the reasons for this lie in your psychology. Single men are often not confident, have low self-esteem. Therefore, first of all, you should evaluate yourself soberly. Take a piece of paper and divide it into two columns. First write down all the good things that are in you (positive qualities and character traits, abilities, skills, victories, etc.). Try to remember as much as possible. Then reread all this and sincerely praise yourself for your success, you deserve it, like any other person. Do not assume that you are worse than others, but also drive pride too - it pushes people away and leads to loneliness. Now take up the second column. In it, you will criticize yourself, write everything that you do not like about yourself. People with low self-esteem have a big minus - they scold themselves for non-existent flaws. Try to avoid this. Now that you have rated yourself, try to change as many of your minuses as possible.Start self-improvement, then it will be interesting to live, and loneliness will recede, because people will reach out to you. For example, if you consider yourself stupid, start reading books, watch documentaries, learn something interesting, learn a new thing. If you look not beautifully or courageously, the gym, hairdresser and shops are always at your service. If you are constantly sad and sullen, start enjoying life. Do not drive yourself into a rigid framework, do not live under strict schedules, because in addition to work and home TV in life there is so much interesting! More often laugh, smile, walk in good weather, take a trip, in general, develop and have fun! Work will not run away anywhere, but life will fly past, if she is not happy. If you consider yourself ungifted, most likely you have tried yourself a little in something. Every person has at least one talent. Your task is to find and develop it or them. Do not be afraid of it!

    Well, you started to change for the better, and the piggy bank of positive qualities is replenished. Now that you have learned to love yourself, it's time to find loved ones.The main allies of loneliness are timidity, lack of complexes, lack of communication, insecurity, unwillingness to make contact and get acquainted. Let's get rid of them, never to ask ourselves: �Why am I alone?�! In order to make friends, you must first find people you like, with whom you have something in common. For example, you are interested in a work colleague, so communicate with him. The main thing is to find a reason. Word for word - and common interests are found. Who knows, maybe he will be your best friend? In order to find such people, it is not necessary to go far. This may be workmates, neighbors, people who are passionate about something that is interesting to you. With such people you can always find a reason to communicate. Another very important thing is to stay alone as little as possible. Do not sit in the weekend at home in the four walls! You can go to the cinema, museum, to the exhibition, to the theater, to the concert, to the bar, for a walk. Places - a lot, there would be a desire. And there is nothing wrong with that you go alone. There are many women who do this. And get acquainted, get acquainted! The main thing is to behave correctly. Try to come up with a witty way to get acquainted, do not be intrusive, be tactful. If a person does not want to get acquainted, then do not insist. Around is full of other people.It is also important to feel the difference between a friend and a loved one. Do not seek to expose the soul to the first person you like. First of all, it takes some time for the friendship to start. Secondly, excessive frankness when meeting many repels. Third, you do not know the new person well enough. To trust someone secrets, you must first ensure the reliability of the person.

    However, to find a friend in something simpler than a woman who will make you happy. But this does not mean that you will never meet her. It happens that fate itself brings people together, and they are happy together. But this is not always the case. If you want a long-term, sincere, deep relationship, then the woman will have to win. Here are some tips on how to please a woman:

    1. Many men mistakenly think that women do not fall in love with the ugly. Fall in love, and how! Dim appearance - not a reason to be lonely. Yes, women like beautiful women, but if a man cannot offer anything besides this beauty, he will not be happy in love. Moderately pumped body, neat haircut, smile, nice shoes and watches, nice perfume,smoothly shaved skin or a neat beard, clean nails, a confident look, impeccable style of dress and behavior - this is what attracts women! And this can be achieved on their own.
    2. Women love all unusual. Learn to think interestingly, read a lot, learn to be an interesting conversationalist. It is important to begin the acquaintance outside the box, as most women do not respond to well-known phrases. Ideally, what you say will be witty and unusual. And if even in half with a compliment - this is a success!
    3. Girls who catch not only the look, but also the heart, do not spend all their time in clubs. At discos, light short-term acquaintances mostly occur with bedding overtones. The girl you need most probably likes to visit interesting exhibitions, go to cozy cafes, visit the library, walk along the beautiful promenade, etc.
    4. Do not put as the main criterion for the appearance of the girl. Unfortunately, in our time there are a lot of very beautiful girls on the outside, but empty inside. Good looks are great, consider it as a nice bonus. Let your girlfriend be well-groomed, natural, smiling, with a gleam in her eyes, beautifully and tastefully dressed and combed. This will make a man happy not for one night.
    5. Become the very same thing for her, and she will never leave you! Here is a list of qualities that women in men like very much: gallantry, generosity for compliments and gifts, masculinity, tenderness, loyalty, reliability, sincerity, admiration for a woman, sense of humor, respect for a woman, good breeding, intelligence, prudence, practicality and romance, caring . If a man makes a woman happy, makes her smile, thaw from compliments, feel pleasure and pleasant surprise, feel protected, then he will remain in her heart, if not forever, then for a long time.

    And let the thoughts on "why I'm lonely" no longer disturb you. It�s not easy to stop being lonely, because you have to change your views on life and on yourself. But a person who wants to have close people and be happy, is able to do it!

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