• Why does a man quickly orgasm?

    Why does a man quickly orgasm?

    Why does a man quickly orgasm?

    Why does a man quickly orgasm?



    In the world of primitive people, a fast male orgasm was in the order of things. Sex was not a tool for receiving pleasure - it was a way of reproducing itself in descendants. Therefore, nothing wrong with the fact that the man quickly ends, was not.

    Now times have changed a lot. A good lover is not one who can fertilize many females, but one who can for a long time indulge one single one. What to do if you, in the opinion of the girls, end up too quickly? And why is this happening?


    Too fast.



    One of the simplest reasons is that you may simply not understand that this is too fast. In your opinion, everything can be excellent - but each time, in an unsatisfied girl, there is a hope of finding a standing lover in you and there is an annoyance at the fact that trying to get an orgasm with you is absolutely fruitless for her.In this case, you will not find out about this sad fact until the last moment: Your girlfriend would rather ring up this detail to her friends or complain to her mother, than admit to you that having sex with you is completely inappropriate for her. To find out like this with your girlfriend - you need to ask her for a long time, and ask her wisely. If you ask in the forehead - the girl might well think that you have fallen self-esteem and you need confirmation of your masculinity. Clearly, you may not get a fair answer, and the gap between the misunderstanding of the existing problem between you and your partner will expand further. If you do nothing with this - you can soon break up.

    Fortunately, with a fast male orgasm can be fought. Various anesthetic lubricants and condoms of increased thickness will help to increase the duration of intercourse by five to ten minutes, which will allow your girlfriend to enjoy sex. The dulling of the sensuality of erogenous zones is one of the main ways of dealing with premature ejaculation. There are also various techniques for delaying orgasm, exercise and other ways to stretch the pleasure.If you really deal with this problem - your partner will appreciate it.

    It is worth noting that the regularity of sex also affects its duration. The more often you enter into an intimate affinity with your partner, the longer will be the periods of sexual acts. Try, and you will manage to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation! If you want to become for your woman the best lover in the world - then you can do everything.

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