• Why a man does not want to call you back?

    Many girls live in anticipation of their prince - the one and only, with whom relations will develop in the best traditions of romantic films and beautiful fairy tales. And here, on the horizon, it seems, he appears, invites you for the first date, and you are spinning around the mirror for several days, selecting the most beautiful outfit and presenting the upcoming meeting in detail.

    Finally, you spend one of the most beautiful hours in your life, walking by the hand, enjoying aromatic coffee and pleasant conversations. And when you return home, you fall asleep peacefully, expecting that tomorrow there will be a call from the man you like, who will invite him again to meet. But no one calls.

    The mood disappears, you hypnotize the phone every now and then and have already managed to catch up with sadness. But do not be so quickly depressed. It's good to start to understand why this is so.

    I give you 36 hours!

    Statistics say that if you really liked a man, then he will give an effect within 36 hours.Otherwise, you can simply keep pleasant moments in memory and go in search of a more suitable candidate.

    But not so long ago, psychologists talked about 3 days, during which men had to dial a pre-recorded number in advance. Unfortunately, it was only in those days when mobile phones were more of a luxury than a rule. But what can prevent the desire to decide to invite a girl for a second date?

    1. He's trying to figure it out. During the first meeting, it is almost impossible to understand exactly how suitable a person is for you, because you just started to get acquainted, usually discussing general topics. Girls must thoroughly analyze every word spoken by a man, every action. But representatives of the strong half do the same. If a man has set himself the goal of creating a family, he is unlikely to want to waste time on a girl who is still interested in an active nightlife. Therefore, the question: “Is this my woman?” Is very relevant. And sometimes it takes a little longer to give an answer. But just 3 days is enough, and if after this time you have not heard the familiar voice in the handset, alas, no luck.
    2. Creates an intrigue. This move is typical not only for girls.Men often look very busy looking for your reaction. It is important to remain calm, and if again 3 days have passed, and he is busy, do not waste your strength and nerves.
    3. Unexpected situations. But it also happens that to get the number of the girl you like, the man is hampered by circumstances. Sometimes they can be really serious - they got sick, lost their phone, urgently left for an important meeting. But often excuses make you doubt, because even being super-busy, you can always carve out at least one minute to call first, find out how things are and clarify the situation. Even if you can not dial the number, you can always write a message.
    4. He doesn't like you. Nothing wrong with that. After all, you had to meet more than once with those with whom you did not want to continue your communication. The same thing happened here, you just did not hook the very important strings of the soul that would give the sign - the perfect girl. And you do not have to suffer, so ahead - meeting with the very one and only.
    5. Considers himself unworthy. Sometimes, after the first date, a man is afraid to meet again, because during the acquaintance I heard from you specific characteristics that your ideal must meet.Trying them on himself, the guy decided that he was not worthy of such a beautiful girl like you. Therefore, do not be too impregnable and do not try to demonstrate your superiority.
    6. Considers you too accessible. If after the first meeting you easily agreed to complete a pleasant evening in an intimate setting, then with almost 100% confidence we can say that the man got everything he wanted and does not need additional meetings, and even more so the relationship. He immediately put together a picture of your moral principles and decided not to linger on this option.
    7. You are very demanding. You insisted to be taken by car, chose a restaurant for dinner, asked to pay for a taxi, are you asking for the next meeting at an expensive establishment? You know, a man will immediately notice that they are simply pulling money from him. He can, of course, pay for all your desires for the first time, but he will stop there.

    Even if for some reason your prince doesn’t call, you shouldn’t torment yourself with guesses and become depressed. Live as you did before. If this is really your destiny, it will surely make itself known.And if not, then just be glad that such a pleasant, albeit short, meeting happened in your life.

    In addition, it is worth remembering that the feeling of love manifests itself in men more slowly, so perhaps it will take a little longer for him to understand.

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