• Who to play in Allods?

    Anna Sivokon
    Anna Sivokon
    February 12, 2013
    Who to play in Allods?

    Allods is a computer online game. It is very popular in Russia, Turkey, Brazil, USA, Korea, Japan and in many other countries. Before you open the world of astral travel on their own ships. Sarnaut is the central city of this game. This is where all the action takes place. Only one mage rules every allode. And this magician is not allowed to leave his allod.

    How to start playing Allods

    As already mentioned, Allods is a popular online game. And choose who better to play in Allods is not so easy. Since here each class has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, you decided to play this game, but do not know who to play in Allods. First you need to know that in this game there are 3 types of characters:

    • support (helpers). These characters help their group with healing or buffs. Supports are: Bafers, cookies, Gily and Bards;
    • tanks (tank). These are the characters on which they “hang” in bomb raids;
    • damager (causing damage). They do damage to mobs.

    If you decide to be a tank in this game, then you can also be an assistant tank. Mobs on themselves hold tanks. Characters Templar and Warrior are tanks in the game Allods. They have good health and powerful armor. Tank helpers are Necromancers and Pagans. Necromancer, Mystic and Priest impose pillboxes and heal. Dealers in this game are the Wizard, the Pagan and the Scout. They cause very great damage. Each race has its own set of classes. For example, the elves and rebels have no warriors. And the necromancers and mystics do not have the Kanians.

    Game character classes

    Consider the combination of classes and races in the game:

    • Templar (punisher, commissioner, paladin, knight);
    • warrior (fighter, warrior, soldier);
    • priest (abbot);
    • scout (saboteur, archer);
    • pagan (druid, healer, shaman);
    • wizard (magician, specialist, master, spellcaster);
    • necromancer (warlock, healer, resuscitator);
    • mystic (oracle, adept, thinker, visionaries);
    • bard (skald, minstrel, agitator, guest performer).

    The most popular characters in this game are Necromancers and Wizards.

    So, if you have decided who is better to play in allods, then in this game you have the opportunity to take an interesting training course.The player has the ability to determine how much and where exactly to invest their points. That is, the characteristics of the character after each level are not automatically distributed.

    Currently Allods are developing very actively. There are new adventures and locations. Regular updates help to attract the attention of an increasing number of gamers to the game. Users can wish for new and wonderful gaming experiences.

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