• What is a pikaper?

    August 8, 2012

    Everywhere you hear the words "pickup" or "pickup" and still can not understand who the pickup is? Then in this article we will explain to you in simple language this incomprehensible term that came from abroad. Let's start with the definition:

    • pickup is a casual acquaintance;
    • to pick up - to meet someone or "pick up" someone.

    Thus, a pick up artist is a male person who “catches” girls or women. For these guys, this is like a hunt, a game, fun. They are looking for different approaches to different girls. The most important thing is to achieve the goal, and then, not stopping for a long time, to start a new “hunt”. Pickup is a lifestyle. These guys do not hide that they are pickups, and even proud of it. Perhaps your inaccessibility will only provoke them, but if you get into these networks, then surely you will soon be disappointed. Do not waste time on these guys and do not fall for their tricks. Nearby are many young people who respect girls and are capable of real feelings.

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