• Who created the first camera?

    December 19, 2014
    Who created the first camera?

    A modern person can hardly imagine his life without photos. But what was the very first photograph in history, and who created the first camera? We will devote this article to the answers to these questions.

    Background of the creation of the camera

    It is believed that the first photographs were obtained in the sixteenth century by the Italian Gerolamo Cardano. He guessed to put the lens in the camera obscura. This is the simplest device, which is called the "dark room". It consists of an opaque box with a hole in one wall and a screen (from a sheet of white paper or frosted glass) - on the other. Rays of light passing through the hole create an inverted image on the screen.

    Cardano used this device, only providing it with a lens. I must say that the images turned out very low quality. Therefore, this stage relates, in fact, to the background of the camera's appearance. The same period can be attributed to the experiments of Johann Schulz in 1727.He added to the process of photographing silver salts that react to light.

    Creation of the first camera

    The prototype of a modern camera was invented by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in the 1820s. He also used a camera obscura, but the light falling through the hole processed asphalt varnish. Due to this, the image took the form and became visible. Niepce called his work "Heliograph".

    Later, in 1827, Niepce, together with Jacques Mandé Daguerre, created the technology of creating images on silver plates - daguerreotype.

    Creation of Niepce gave impetus to the development of a whole branch of knowledge and skills.

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