• Who are the wise men?

    Natalya Chekanova
    Natalya Chekanova
    April 8, 2013
    Who are the wise men?

    The world around us is much more multifaceted than we imagine. Modern science is not yet able to reveal many secrets. Probably, that is why there is so much interest in everything otherworldly, unexplainable. Every now and then there are newly appeared witches, soothsayers, and even wise men. And who are the wise men for real?

    Bible legends

    It is believed that in ancient times there was a special kind of people possessing the secrets of the universe.

    About these wise men-sages is mentioned in the Bible, in the episode about the birth of Jesus Christ. It was the Magi who first came to worship Jesus. The place of birth of the Messiah was indicated by the star. The wise men worshiped the infant as king, and brought him gifts: gold (as lord), incense (as God) and myrrh. This perfumed resin anointed the dead.

    Consequently, the wise men knew whom they worship, they foresaw his whole earthly life in advance.


    And whom did the Slavs call the wise men? People with secret knowledge, seeing the past and the future. Presumably the word "Magus" came from the name of the god Veles, and gradually transformed into "magic."

    Magi not only served the higher forces, but they themselves could influence various phenomena. Not a single event in ancient communities, from the birth of a man to death, could not do without the participation of these sages. They were clergymen (priests), communicating with spirits and gods, soothsayers (vedunami), healers (healers). They possessed the gift of reincarnation, knew the laws of nature, astrology, and possessed the Proto-Slavic script.

    In society, the Magi held a high position. The elders and later the princes consulted with them.

    Those who were called wise men can be found in any world culture (for example, druids).

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