• Which water filter to choose?

    Water filter should be in every city apartment, because the quality of water from the tap leaves much to be desired. In this article we will tell you which water filter to choose and what you should be guided by when choosing.

    Filter jug

    This is the most primitive type of filter on the market today. Water is poured into a special container with a filter cartridge and placed in a special jug. Such a filter is mobile and cheap; in addition, it does not need to be specifically connected to the water supply system, but it provides the minimum degree of purification - it eliminates water from the smell of chlorine and other unpleasant odors, and, in addition, partially reduces hardness. Another disadvantage is quite a long time of water purification.

    Nozzle filter

    The filter nozzle is a compact filter that is attached directly to the faucet. The method of fastening, as a rule, depends on the manufacturer of the nozzle and the model. This filter provides a greater degree of purification than the filter jug, and, in addition, it is compact, which means that you can even take it with you on trips.The problem with this filter is that when it is installed on the tap, water begins to flow much slower (filtering is underway), you can “press” no more than a liter per minute.

    Flow filter under sink

    This filter is mounted directly to the plumbing system. Its main construction is mounted under the sink, and the user sees only a separate crane derived from it. Such filters provide the highest degree of purification, however, firstly, they are very expensive, and, secondly, require additional installation.

    Expert Tips

    Of course, after reading the above information, you will probably think that health is more expensive and it is better to splurge on a flow-through filter than to use useless jugs, but do not rush to conclusions. First, conduct an independent examination of water in your home - if the problem is only in chlorine, you absolutely do not need to buy an expensive cleaning system. If the problem is not only chlorine, you really should consider buying a filter with a higher degree of purification.


    Today there are many manufacturers of filters, but the most well-known filters are Barrier, Aquaphor and Brita.These companies received their popularity for good reason, but each company has its own "chip". So, Brita is a truly German quality, Barrier is the best combination of price and quality, and Aquaphor is the original technology. Any filter of these companies will be to your liking, however, if you choose Brita directly from this "trinity", you should probably give Brita, the price difference with Aquaphor and Barrier will certainly be, but you will get the best filter in your categories.

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