• Which stone is suitable for women Aries?

    Olga Kravchenko
    Olga Kravchenko
    February 1, 2015
    Which stone is suitable for women Aries?

    Aries women are emotional, active and enterprising. They are very purposeful and impulsive, so they should wear stones that support their will and love of life. What gem is suitable Aries?

    In the article below we give four stones corresponding to the sign of Aries.


    Agate is a stone that brings victory and success. He can become a good talisman that protects against adversity, assists in obtaining new knowledge, helps to avoid conflicts. Suitable for businesswomen.


    This magnificent stone harmonizes a woman's ram, enhancing intuition and insight. It improves performance, concentration, protects from bad influence, soothes.


    Zircon is a real talisman for a ram woman. This stone is able to restore health and emotional balance, instills vitality and optimism, self-confidence.


    Beautiful lilac amethysts have a beneficial sedative effect on the obstinate Aries. These stones are excellent charms that protect against evil.At the same time wearing amethyst helps smooth out sharp features in the character of the owner.

    Also, a woman-ram is well suited for turquoise, coral, rubies and hematite, and avoid wearing topaz, opal and beryl.

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