• Which roof is better?

    The roof belongs to the supporting structure of the building, so it is mounted seriously, in compliance with all rules and regulations. What is very important at the planning stage of the house is to find out which roof is better, in accordance with the quality and economic indicators. The choice of the roof, as well as the roofing material is a very crucial step, since the degree of thermal insulation of the house depends on the quality of the roof. Durability and stability, reliability and practicality are the main roof criteria for a modern country house. It is very important what aesthetic characteristics the roof will have, because the overall impression of a country house depends on the external attractiveness, or vice versa, unattractiveness. Therefore, the color of the roof is carefully chosen, which should be in harmony with the facade of the building and, of course, the roof should follow the general concept of the building.

    Roof types

    At the moment, builders have the opportunity to design an attic or a combined roof. There is a huge difference between these two types of roofstherefore, what should be the roof of your house, it’s up to you and the construction organization, whose specialists, given the overall layout of the house and your financial resources, will recommend this or that option. Attic roof is different from the combined in that it has a sufficiently large angle of inclination. Compared with the combined roof, which has almost no slope, the attic roof design allows you to equip additional rooms in the attic. Thus, choosing the attic roof, the owner of the house gets the opportunity to use its design space for its intended purpose. Attic in the attic - a common phenomenon in homes for permanent residence, and in country houses.

    Roof forms

    The roof can be single slope, gable or multi-slope. There are hipped and hipped roofs, as well as cruciform. In modern construction everything is possible - to make a roof with numerous slopes, which will greatly decorate the house. Shed roof is almost never used, since its appearance is significantly losing multi-skid. Choosing the shape of the roof, it is necessary to provide a certain angle of slopes.What angle of the roof to choose depends on your desire, but at the same time, it is necessary to take into account that the greater the angle of the roof, the greater will be the distance from the ceiling to the floor in the attic. In addition, the angle of the roof directly affects the rate of runoff of moisture, including when melting snow from the roof surface.

    Roof insulation

    Increasingly, the developer equips warm roofs in his home. This, of course, increases the cost of construction of the facility, but increases the lifespan of the roof. The warm roof is an attic structure, which is additionally insulated by heat insulators, of which a huge amount is represented on the modern market. The presence of the attic is also a kind of insulation, since the air gap between the ceiling and the roof itself contributes to the insulation of the house.

    Cold roofs are used only in the construction of outbuildings, including garages. Or, when arranging a veranda in a house, in industrial premises, in warehouses, etc. In all other cases, installation of a warm roof is carried out.

    Types of roofing materials

    Speaking of what roofs are, special attention should be paid to roofing materials, as the reliability of the roof depends on their quality characteristics.The most popular are modern materials, which are called "metal tile" and "soft roof." Eulyshifer, tile made of cement-sand mortar and natural tile, as well as folded roofing, are a little less in demand. Considering that all these types of roofing materials have their advantages and disadvantages, the consumer chooses the most practical materials that are easy to install and maintain during operation.

    Metal tile

    The service life of metal tiles is approximately 50 years, but the warranty period of service, manufacturers set only 10, a maximum of 15 years. Installation of this roofing material is carried out quickly and without any special difficulties, does not require large investments. The cost of metal tiles is quite acceptable, given the high quality characteristics of this roofing material and the possibility of choosing the color from the extensive color palette. Pay attention to how to choose the roof - from metal or other material on its design. The metal tile is offered with several design options, but there is one, and rather significant minus of such a roof - it is very noisy.If you do not want to hear the noise of rain all the time on the metal-tiled roof, install good thermal insulation.

    Soft roof

    The lifetime of a soft roof is about the same as the previous roofing material, but the manufacturer’s warranty for it gives more. The maximum is 30 years, and the minimum is 10 years. With the installation of a soft roof, there are some problems - you need a few people to drag a soft roof packing onto the roof. This material is not light in weight; one square meter weighs approximately 10 kg, but at the same time, this material is perfectly cut without the use of special equipment.

    The cost of installation of a soft roof is much higher than metal, despite the approximately the same cost of these materials. The fact is that before putting a soft roof, it is necessary to prepare a solid and even surface on the roof, for which we use moisture-resistant plywood or OSP-3. Thus, the total cost of a soft roof costs 2 or even three times more expensive than metal tiles. But soft roofing is noiseless, it will perfectly fulfill its function throughout the entire life cycle if the installation was carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and building requirements.What slope of the roof should be if you decide to use a soft roof, it does not matter. Since it looks great on all types of roofs.

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