• Which bank is better to take physical. face loans?

    Which bank is better to take physical. face loans? Where did you take it, what conditions did you have and what pitfalls did you encounter?
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    Well, usually the best conditions are offered by the most popular banks, because they risk less and can take quantity. I would first of all consider Sberban
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    But it seems to me that, on the contrary, you need to consider less popular banks, since they, by their own conditions and low percentages, try to lure more customers to themselves. True, it seems to me that such banks often turn to collectors more often than the state Sberbank.
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    And you yourself read the conditions that banks provide, for example, about Sberbank loans to individuals, you can read on the thematic blogs with reviews of banks, for example, here: I'm now trying to figure out how to turn off Sberbank's piggy bank.Somewhere on the same site I saw a review article about loans to individuals in Sberbank.
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    Be careful of loans, especially currency. Although in Russia for the second year, the bankruptcy law is in effect, which will not allow you to pay the debt until the end of days. Lish is able to pay, the rest is annulled.
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    Oksana Moskalchuk
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    And is there really a bankruptcy procedure that protects a person from being taken away from his last shirt for debt? I read information about the bankruptcy of individuals of such a plan, but I�m not sure if I understand correctly.

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