• Where to store water?

    I got a cottage, but the water supply system is not held. In the dry season it is a pity for the plants, I want to water them a little. And without water it’s really bad, you can't even wash your hands. Here I think to buy water tanks. Tell me which is better to choose and where?


    It is necessary to choose those from which it is convenient to collect water. If the garden is watered, then take any containers. Iron barrels are rusting. In them, water stagnates and forms a precipitate. Glass is better for drinking.

    Previously, there was a lot of iron, and plastic generally appeared relatively recently. Remember our ancestors, they all had wooden tanks. Natural tree without any chemicals.

    In my opinion, it’s not a problem in our time to find a container, where to store water. The most versatile is a plastic container for water. They are cheap, and light, and come in different sizes. By the way, you can see detailed information here.http://www.svarplastik.ru/emkost-dlya-vodi-na-zakaz.htmlCheck out their suggestions, maybe choose something for yourself.

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