• Where to place the site?

    Today, many are trying to host sites on the so-called free hosting. After reading our article, you will learn where to place the site - we will give you a few examples of free hosting sites with a brief description. In fact, absolutely free services are not so much, and besides, they are very limited in capabilities. However, if your site is fairly simple (for example, written in pure html), then these hosting sites will probably be the best option. True, given the fact that you have to put up with the advertisement of the hoster - and what you want: the site is placed for free.

    Where to place the site for free

    First of all, select the service. This is the most convenient hosting, both in terms of functionality, and in terms of speed of the site. On this hosting, you can even "screw" your domain. To tie a domain means to add a website with a different domain name to the hosting that is different from the domain name of the hosting. So, on hostinger.ru you can place sites with the names .com, .su, .org and others. Such a possibility, by the way, is absent in the same vaunted narod.ru.The next free hosting in our review will be This is a very good hosting, which allows you to host even professional websites, written not only in pure html, but also, for example, in php. Of course, most professionals will prefer paid hosting, as there are many restrictions on free ones, including significantly reduced site management capabilities, ad hosting (where to go without it). Of course, opportunities can be expanded, advertising removed, but for this, of course, you have to pay, so these hosting providers are called conditionally free, that is, free, but not quite. However, for beginners in the IT industry, this option is ideal.

    Where can I place the site

    There is also a relatively new hosting. The authors of the site promise that it will be without ads, but even if the ads on your sites show and will not, something else is surely provided for - the owners must earn money! Probably the sites will be links. The nx0.ru service is convenient for its wide functionality. Similar to him and hosting - he has fewer features than the previous one,but it can also host more resource-demanding websites than, for example, on the well-known by.ru resource, which, by the way, is not always available.

    About the availability of sites

    Here, by the way, is one of the drawbacks of the work of free hosting sites (and many low-cost ones): the sites hosted on them are sometimes (and on some of them quite often) inaccessible to users. Of course, this is not critical if it is a personal page or some rare fan site, but if it is, for example, a commercial project, then you will have to think a hundred times whether to switch to paid hosting. The fact is that the absence of a site on the network may not in the best way affect its indexing by search engines, which means that your site will be quite difficult to find in the same Yandex and Google. The search robot will be less likely to return to your site if it is not available regularly.

    Where can I place the site yet

    First of all, this is perhaps the most popular resource with its own website builder. Of course, there is no comrade's taste and color (I, for example, do not like “yukoz” because of obtrusive advertising in the upper corner), but you can create a website from scratch here, completely without understanding this. Even a child can make a very nice and informative site on ucoz.ru.By the way, on the "yukoz" there is also the possibility of screwing the domain. In general, free (more precisely, conditionally free) hosting on the Internet is a dime a dozen.

    For which sites free hosting

    The authors of such systems make money on advertisements and links that they place on your sites. And in return, you are offered a free website and hosting, where you can easily create a resource-undemanding website, even for commercial use. What is bad, for example, a business card site, where you talk competently and beautifully about your services? Also, such hosting is perfect for creating thematic sites - about your favorite movies, music, games, literature, etc., etc. For example, I did and was quite pleased - this is a wonderful way to share my hobbies and even earn money by talking about what you can do. Of course, for an online store or a large news portal, free hosting is not suitable, but such resources are not intended to host such sites. But for personal pages and thematic sites this is quite a reasonable solution, since there is no point in overpaying for hosting in this case.I think, now you understand where to place the site of one or another plan and structure.

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