• Where to go in Moscow in the winter?

    It's no secret that Moscow is a huge and modern city. In this regard, there is a huge number of places where you can go, including in the winter. You can choose from museums, water parks, cinemas, theaters, exhibitions, etc. As for the winter period, one can also recall Krylatskoye with a beautiful landscape, which is perfectly suitable for skiing, snowboarding and sledding. Here we also carry endless high-level skating rinks where you can relax and have fun with friends or with your family.

    Entertainment in winter Moscow

    Where to go in Moscow in the winter? The answer to this question lies in your desires and needs. Let's see what are the options for winter Moscow entertainment.

    On the rink with friends

    The first option that comes to mind is a roller. What kind of winter is without happy memories of the time spent with friends on the rink? One of the best skating rinks in Moscow is located on ul. Petrovka, 26, metro station "Trubnaya". It is called "Skating rink on Petrovka." This is one of the oldest skating rinks that has existed since the mid-19th century.The entrance price for the center of Moscow is quite acceptable: on weekdays it will cost 150 rubles, and on weekends - 250 rubles.

    Winter aesthetics

    After the weekend spent on skating, it's time to admire the snow and ice sculptures. This can be done at the "Blizzard" exhibition. Judging by the reviews of members of the forum, 250 rubles (regular) and 100 rubles (for schoolchildren) is a low price for real aesthetic pleasure. Feel free to take your family and advance to the All-Russian Exhibition Center to the memorial museum of astronautics, and you will probably want to visit the exhibition more than once.

    In the footsteps of history

    If you are thinking to go in the winter, after all, into a warm room filled with the spirit of history, then your path will lie in the direction of the Tretyakov Gallery. The gallery has the most extensive collection of paintings by Russian artists in the world. The museum was founded in 1856 by the merchant Pavel Tretyakov. During this period from 1856 to this day, wealth is accumulated in the museum in the form of immortal works of art.

    Active ski holidays

    If you want to do active leisure, then you can go to the ski resort. One of the most famous ski resorts located not far from Moscow is the Leonid Tyagachev Alpine Ski Club.This is one of the oldest ski resorts in the Moscow region. A special feature of the resort is its professional orientation - on its base, Russian national teams in alpine skiing and snowboarding are training. This suggests that the resort is equipped with the latest technology and is not inferior to any other ski resort in the world. It offers an area of ​​95 hectares in size, which contains 8 first-class ski slopes. Chalets, a mini spa, a tennis court, an ice rink, several sports fields, an outdoor pool and much more have been created for you in the cozy hotel complex. Where to go in Moscow in the winter? The ski resort of Leonid Tyagachev is the best option for outdoor activities.

    Fun trip

    Also in Moscow, you can feel like a real Santa Claus, ride on a real reindeer sleigh. However, such pleasure is not cheap ... One hour of enjoyment in the role of Santa Claus will cost as much as 700 dollars. There is another option. For 100-150 dollars an hour you can ride a dog sled. In general, in Moscow, you can ride in the winter and on horses, and deer, and dogs. Prices are different everywhere.The main thing - do not fall for tricks scam!

    Where to go in Moscow in the winter? As you understand, the answer to this question depends on your desires and preferences. In Moscow, you can find entertainment for every taste. If in the winter you want something summer - and this is not a problem. The main thing is to know where to look or who to ask. Moscow is a big city with great potential.

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