• Where to get a certificate of non-conviction?

    December 6, 2012
    Where to get a certificate of non-conviction?

    The certificate of good conduct is an important document that is needed in different cases. It is important for everyone to know where to get a certificate of non-conviction, because situations in life are different.

    What is this help for?

    A certificate of good conduct may be required in the following cases:

    1. Employment in private and public institutions;
    2. In case of adoption or execution of guardianship to the guardianship authorities;
    3. To obtain citizenship of another country;
    4. For a residence permit;
    5. For a loan in the bank;
    6. At registration of service under the contract in a military registration and enlistment office;
    7. When preparing the documents required for departure;
    8. If you wish to live in other countries;
    9. To provide arbitration managers to the organization;
    10. When applying for visas to different countries;
    11. To obtain a license for professional activities in the field of securities.

    We get a certificate of good conduct

    Where to get a certificate of good conduct and how? Receive such a certificate in the internal affairs bodies of your place of residence.Also, this certificate can be issued in the Information Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. For help, you need to write a statement in which to specify your name, place and date of birth, place of residence and citizenship. The application is submitted personally and with a passport.

    For those who are very busy, there are services of various intermediary organizations. You can contact one of them, write a power of attorney, certify it with a notary and submit it to the organization along with all necessary documents. To issue a certificate will take from 2 to 4 weeks.

    If you make a certificate yourself, then your application will be considered within one month from the date of its submission to the Russian Federation. More time will be spent on the design of this certificate in other countries, so in this case it is easier to write a power of attorney for friends and acquaintances who can help you in this matter.

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