• Where to find tools in a stalker?

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - a very popular game of the Ukrainian developer, which sold millions of copies worldwide. A special feature is not only the standard enemies in the form of mutant creatures of Chernobyl and zombie stalkers, but also a radioactive environment, which greatly complicates the game. To complete missions in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. need a special technique that is not so easy to find. In order to understand where to find the tools in the Stalker, you need to proceed location along and across, look into the most unexpected places and show ingenuity. But there are certain caches in which you can always profit from something.


    On this map, the blue dots mark the places where the tools are located:

    Where to find tools in a stalker?

    Having delivered the tools to two technicians, they can improve your weapons and armor. In order to start the quest with the tools, you need to talk to the technician and agree to bring them.

    Workshops substation

    After you talk with the technician Cardan on the ship, go to the "Workshop substation", the first set of tools is located there. Getting it will not be as easy as we would like - the shops are guarded by mercenaries.How to deal with them - you decide. You can kill them or make friends by feeding them something delicious.

    After you have dealt with the mercenaries, go to the patio, the tools are there on the boxes. You can get to the patio by going through a long building.


    The first set of tools you have. Now you need to understand where to find the tools in the Stalker yet. To do this, go to the sawmill, where you again waiting for an unpleasant surprise - fifty zombies. Deal with them is not easy, but an experienced stalker work for five minutes.

    Now you need to find a house, near which in the 86th ZIL parked. Old, dilapidated car. Go inside and climb into the attic. Look carefully here, in a pile of old ammunition in one of the boxes are tools. Look in the far drawer that builds in the corner. Now you have two sets, and you can go further.


    We leave for the second location, where another technician is waiting for you - Nitrogen. Get a quest from him and go looking for tools.

    A train

    The first set of tools is located in the train under the road bridge.To get inside, you need to jump from the bridge to the roof of the train and walk to the last car, there is an open hatch. Entering the train, move very quickly, as the radiation level can kill your stalker. Reaching the first car, find the tools on the seat and exit quickly through the window.


    Go to the warehouses of the plant "Jupiter", which is located in the south of the "Concrete bath". Climb to the second floor and look for a path between anomalies and pipes. Once inside, you will see a green cabinet, in which are the necessary tools for fine work.


    Where to find tools in Stalker, necessary for calibration in Pripyat?

    Department store

    Go to an abandoned department store, to the west of the stalker base. You will need to go through the maze of doors and deal with a flock of jerboas, after which you can go down to the basement. There on the old rack is a white case with the necessary tools.


    Now go to the old plant of consumer services and be very careful, you will have to fight with the office. Walk between the ground floor anomalies, go up the stairs and walk down the corridor to get to the hall where the burer is waiting for you.After winning a fight, go to the back room, where you can find not only tools, but also some useful things.

    If you play the second modification of the game Black Stalker, where to find the instruments is a burning question. Having added some new moments, the developers, among other things, “hid” some tools.


    Here the tools are also located in the workshops of the substation and in the sawmill, but in other places. In the shops of the substation, go to the building on the right and climb onto the roof. On the visor above the entrance you will find tools for fine workmanship. And in the sawmill raise to the attic of the rightmost building, and then bend down and move to the attic of the neighboring building for the tools for rough work, which lie above the porch.


    At the cement plant, go up to the third floor and in the room with a barrel you will find tools for rough work. To find a set for fine work, go to the attic with electrons at the Jupiter plant. At the Yanov station itself, in the debt half, you will find calibration tools just before entering the basement, in the closet, on the third shelf.

    Another calibration kit is in Skadovsk. Go along the fence and on the right you will see a box.

    But if you did not find something, you can always go back to Cardan and order from him what you need. A nice upgrade bonus is never-ending finances.

    Good luck in the game!

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