• Where to find a child?

    Unfortunately, not all couples can have children. Then there is a very difficult question that requires a responsible decision - "Where to find a child for adoption?". The only answer is to go to the baby house or the baby house (depending on the desired age). Every year more and more new babies appear in orphanages.

    Where and how to find a child

    In order to proceed to finding a new family member from an orphanage, you must have a full package of documents on hand.

    Required documents

    • Free-form information about parents (name, date of birth, citizenship, place of birth and residence, education, place of work);
    • Certificate of employment, reflecting the amount of wages;
    • Copy of marriage certificate (if available);
    • Medical report on the future health of parents;
    • Help from the ATS, indicating the absence of a criminal record;
    • A copy of the certificate of ownership of the apartment;
    • A copy of the passport (when applying to have the original identity card);
    • Application for adoption of a child.

    Local guardianship or database

    With a package of documents you need to contact the body of care at the place of residence. Be sure to check the full list of required documents and references from employees by phone.

    Further, the guardianship authority will enter the data in its database, verify the documents provided and examine the place of residence of the candidates.

    The conclusion about the possibility of becoming an adopter must be given within two weeks in writing. The document must be addressed again to the guardianship and custody authority at the place of residence, or make a request to the regional or data about children without care.

    Search for a child through the database allows you to find a child by the parameters of interest (age, hair / eye color, presence of brothers / sisters).

    If you contact the local custody agency directly, the staff will give you information about those children who can be adopted.

    After you select children, you are granted permission to visit them.


    An alternative to adoption is guardianship. The procedure for collecting documents and registration of the child is slightly simplified. However, the responsibility for the chosen child does not decrease at all.

    The main difference between guardianship and adoption is that if a child has parents, then they have every right to visit him. In addition, the child remains with his name and surname.

    To get a guardianship, it is necessary to clarify the requirements for documents in the guardianship authority, write a statement and wait for a decision about becoming a guardian. &

    On average, the process of registration of the child can take two to three months.

    Embryo adoption

    If someone in a couple has a problem with infertility, or a woman wants to get pregnant without a partner, then you can contact the clinic of reproductive medicine.

    The clinic has about a hundred frozen embryos left for one reason or another. Embryos were obtained from healthy patients who had undergone a preliminary clinical examination.

    The embryo is placed in the uterus of a woman. Within a few months, you must complete a course consisting of special preparations. In general, such a pregnancy is no different from the usual.


    The couple can also turn to reproductive technology, where sperm and egg cells are required from genetic parents and a search for a surrogate mother for carrying out and giving birth to a child.

    Usually, a surrogate mother is looked for independently through the Internet. However, it will not be superfluous to issue the procedure in a law firm.

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