• Where to catch a fish?

    November 4, 2014
    Where to catch a fish?

    Currently you can find a huge number of places for fishing. There are many rivers, lakes, and reservoirs in Russia, where you can not only fish for the soul, but also take part in competitions among like-minded people.

    Fishing spots

    There are several places known to experienced fishermen where they come every year to go fishing:

    • Primorsky Krai - here is the perfect air, the purest water, so there is a lot of fish here. You can go fishing on the rivers Muraveika, Ussuri and Armau.
    • Karelia - a lot of fish in local lakes.
    • The Volga River - here you can not only fish, but also actively relax.
    • Moscow region, Istra reservoir - there is a rich catch, an ideal place for residents of the central part of Russia. In the suburbs in almost any large lake or reservoir, you can catch fish. Even in the smallest city reservoirs small fish is found. Also in some areas competitions are held annually.
    • Biserovsky lake is rich in such fish as carp, crucian carp, pike. You can catch from a boat, you can from the shore or from the quarries that surround the lake.

    Practically in any lake, pond, river you can fish in the territory of the country. It is important to know the habitats and habits of the fish that the fisherman plans to catch. Many species of fish are found in rivers and lakes. Therefore, before you go fishing, you need to know a little about what kind of fish there is in a particular body of water.

    Where is some fish?

    • Perch is found mainly in lakes, prefers to hide in the reed.
    • Karas prefers muddy bottom. It can be found in rivers and lakes. He is less cautious than the perch, so catching it is easier.
    • A dace prefers rivers with a slow current.
    • Pike is a river fish, it likes quiet and cool water, so it’s better not to catch it in hot weather.
    • The pike perch - loves a sandy bottom and clear water, it constantly moves on the territory of a reservoir. You can meet him in the rivers, as well as clean lakes.
    • Bream - hiding in the depths of the dark, feed goes to the shore.

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