• Where better to relax in Thailand?

    Where better to relax in Thailand?

    Where better to relax?



    We all love to relax, go on vacation or just go on a business trip to a beautiful and pleasant place. It is very important to choose the right place. To understand where it is better to relax, this article will help you.


    Where better to relax in Thailand?



    Thailand can be called a paradise resort for tourists. Relatively recently, this country has become popular for Russian tourists. One of the reasons is visa-free entry into the country for a period not exceeding 30 days.

    The geographical location of Thailand is attractive for winter holidays. It is located in the tropical and subequatorial climatic part, in the south-western part of the Indochina peninsula and the northern part of the Malay peninsula.

    Everyone can leave here from the bored cold winter, to swim in the warm waves of the Gulf of Thailand and soak up the white sand in the rays of the hot sun.

    In Thailand, a large number of tourist places, and many travelers are at an impasse from the diversity of choice of tourist routes. In order to

    Your vacation turned out to be unforgettable and interesting. You need to spend a lot of time and choose a suitable place to rest depending on financial possibilities. After all, Thailand provides recreation for every taste and budget. In this review you will get acquainted with the most popular places of rest in a mysterious country.


    The most popular Thailand resorts.



    If you want to go to Thailand in winter, then you need to consider the fact that only the southern part of the country during this period will please you with a hot sun.

    The best of the resorts with excellent beaches is Pattaya. This city is located on the coast of the Gulf of Siam Bay and is very well suited to those who first decided to go to Thailand. The city of Pattaya is popular with a lot of entertainment facilities for tourists. It's discos and nightclubs, bars and restaurants, massage parlors and other fascinating places. Holidays in Thailand is reminiscent of a holiday that goes on day and night. You definitely will not be bored, because there will always be a place where you can go day and night.


    The next wonderful resort is the island of Phuket. Interesting scenery and unmatched beaches like any.The places here are very diverse: you can plunge into the bosom of wildlife, and then return to the familiar world of civilization.


    Another amazing place that suits those who want to relax in silence is the island of Koh Samui. For this, there are all the necessary amenities - sandy white beaches, coconut palms, coral reefs. But there are not so many entertainment places here. This place attracts so many Russians who love to relax on Samui for several months.


    Choose Thailand for your holiday and you will get a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable adventures.


    Where better to relax in Turkey?

    Where better to relax in Turkey?

    Where better to relax in Turkey?




    Turkey is a wonderful country with a diverse climate and interesting history. It has long been surprisingly combined Eastern and European traditions. This country is attractive by its geographical position: in the south it is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, in the north - by the Black Sea, in the west it borders on the Aegean Sea, and between the Middle East and Trakia - by the Sea of ​​Marmara.


    The most popular resorts in Turkey were Antalya, Marmoris, Kemer, Belek, Bodrum, Alanya, Side. These places have gained popularity among tourists from our country due to affordability.For a small cost of the permit, you can get a first-class rest, excellent service, comfortable accommodation and a lot of entertainment.


    Turkey can provide you with a quiet, relaxing, and very active holidays. You always have a choice - to lie on the beach under the hot sun, relax by the pool or have fun all day long and participate in extreme excursions.


    In Turkey, everyone will find a suitable rest. All resorts have some common features, but each of them is rich in its individual characteristics. In order to understand this and make the right choice for ourselves, we offer to get to know each closer.


    Comfort and tranquility - Kemer.


    Kemer attracts a comfortable climate and very beautiful scenery. He wears the title of the greenest city in the country. Such a mild, warm climate is created due to its geographical location - Kemer is located on the slopes of the Taur Mountains. Summer heat is well tolerated. In winter, the thermometer does not fall below +10 ° C. Pine forests around the city fill the air with pleasant coniferous notes and, mixing with the sea air, have a healing effect on the human body.

    The beaches here are pebbly, well-equipped for both leisure and sailing. Kemer is the center of yachting in Turkey. At this resort, anyone can relax in comfort, as prices are moderate.


    Fun around the clock - Marmaris, Bodrum, Alanya.


    At the resorts of Marmaris, Alanya and Bodrum there is a huge selection of discos and nightclubs, restaurants, bars and other opportunities to actively and have fun. Therefore, these resorts have gained popularity among the younger generation, and if you are alone or with your company have not yet decided which place to choose in Turkey, then we recommend starting to master this wonderful hospitable country from one of these resorts.


    Perfect family vacation - Belek, Antalya.


    You decided to take your children on a trip to Turkey. The most wonderful place for a family holiday will be Belek or Antalya. Local hotels welcome young guests with cordiality and hospitality. Some rooms are equipped with children. But you can always count on the fact that

    If necessary, you will be provided with additional children's furniture.The beaches in these places are sandy, which will bring great joy to your child. And built castles of pure sand under the rays of the tender sun on the shores of the warm sea will give you and your children an endless joy and unforgettable impressions. It is safe to swim with children on local beaches, as they are not deep at all, and the water therefore gets warm very quickly. You can rest here from April until the end of October.

    Rest in Belek is considered very calm. This is one of the fashionable resorts. Here you can learn how to play golf, as you relax at the international golf center.

    All hotels provide a wonderful holiday for adults and children. Small travelers will be able to try out various entertainment and wellness programs.

    Antalya financially less costly than Belek. But how much is not inferior in terms of comfort and services. Hotels in Antalya have staff who will look after your children while you are absent from one of the excursions. Children will be offered fun active games, swimming in the pool, sports entertainment and tasty desserts.


    Where better to relax in the Crimea?




    In the long-awaited summer vacation time, many seek to rest in the Crimea. This place attracts tourists with its extraordinary culture, history and primeval nature. Choose a holiday destination in the Crimea based on who you are going to go there with and what, in your opinion, should be the expected rest. Many people are very fond of spending time at this famous resort and will not for any reason trade this holiday for vacation in Turkey or Egypt. Here you can find a lot of great places to spend your holidays, and when you choose the right place for yourself, you will be satisfied with your holiday.


    Rest in one of the resorts of Crimea is the best option for a long-awaited vacation. You can go to the boarding house in Foros, Simeiz, Alupka, Yalta and enjoy the excellent service and beautiful landscapes there.

    The best month for swimming in the already well-warmed tender sea of ​​the southern coast of Crimea is July. This place is great for adults. Children here will be a little tiresomely long to descend to the sea, for example, in Foros, and they will also miss the sandy beach - there are few of these in these parts.

    Of course, you will enjoy relaxing in the resorts of Crimea. Booking reservations and tours must be taken care of in advance. You can also live in a seaside village. It will be cheaper, the sea is much cleaner there, and there are no less places for entertainment than in the sanatorium zone.


    A quiet family vacation in the Crimea - the east coast.


    The eastern coast of Crimea is ideal for those who want to relax away from the noisy cities, and enjoy the rays of the hot sun and the gentle waves of the sea on small beaches, magnificent nature and fresh sea air. For those who wish to improve their health and treat their respiratory organs a little, a trip to the east coast of Crimea is an ideal option.

    If we consider the financial side of the issue, then rest in the east is cheaper than in the south of Crimea. You can go here with the whole family, even with small children. Sandy beaches allow children to enjoy plenty of rest on the sea, lie in the warm sand and swim in the clear Black Sea. Adults will not be bored either, but will be able to find a lot of entertainment. The advantage of this part of the Crimea is very warm and, most importantly, clean water, not a hot, comfortable climate,to which both adults and children can easily adapt.


    Extreme vacation in the Crimea.


    Extreme type of recreation can be called rest in tents. And there are quite a few such lovers to live at the very edge of the sea. For them, perfect Solnechnogorsk or New World, where you can get a pleasant and unforgettable experience.


    And those who love to scuba dive, you need to go to Cape Tarkhankut. There are all conditions for divers: a deep and very clear sea. You will not regret and will be satisfied with this choice.

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