• Where is the body number?

    Ivan Orlov
    Ivan Orlov
    January 10, 2013
    Where is the body number?

    Before telling about where the car body number is located, you should explain what it is.

    VIN code of the car

    The VIN code for the car (as we call the body number) is like a passport for each person. This identification number is assigned to the vehicle during its manufacture.

    Before purchasing a car, we recommend that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the number of its body for the fact that the characters in it can be killed. Pay particular attention to the numbers 3 (it is easy to interrupt by 8) and 5 (interrupted by 6). It would not be superfluous to measure "punch VIN" to hijack, using free reference books on the Internet.

    Now we will reveal to you the secret of each of the 17 characters of the identification number.

    1. 1st symbol - they are designated geographical area.
    2. The 2nd symbol indicates the country in this zone.
    3. Under the 3rd symbol is the manufacturer of this car. If in this place is the figure 9, it means that this company produces less than 500 cars per year.
    4. From the 4th to the 8th characters.They contain information about the type of body, car model, engine and equipment.
    5. The 9th symbol is the control symbol for manufacturers from China and the USA. For everyone else this is additional information.
    6. The 10th symbol is the model year of the car.
    7. The 11th symbol contains information about the manufacturer.
    8. From 12 to 17 characters. They indicate the sequence of passage of the vehicle on the factory assembly line.

    Where is applied VIN code on the car?

    The places where the body number is in most modern cars are as follows:

    1. This is the left upper part of the dashboard, directly under the windshield. With this arrangement, the VIN code, you can only see it, being outside the car.
    2. At the bottom of the arch at the driver's seat. The identification number in this case can be seen with the driver's door open.
    3. Under the driver's seat. To reconcile it, you need to move the driver's seat as far as possible from the steering wheel and bend the mat.
    4. In other cases, the VIN code must be searched under the hood.
    5. The location of the identification number can be obtained from the vehicle’s TCP or from its registration certificate.

    Where is the VAZ body number and how to decrypt it

    The identification number of domestic VAZ cars is located directly under the hood on a plate near the engine compartment, if located in the front passenger seat.

    The characters are also seventeen and they denote the following.

    1. 1st symbol - geographical area.
    2. 2nd - the country.
    3. 3rd - manufacturer.
    4. The following 6 - car model.
    5. Latin character - code of the year of release.
    6. The last 7 digits indicate the body number.

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