• Where is Sheregesh?

    Anna Piskunova
    Anna Piskunova
    April 26, 2015
    Where is Sheregesh?

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    Once these places were aimed at holding the Olympics, and now there is the Ski Resort, which attracts more and more travelers and tourists. This is Sheregesh. Consider in more detail where it is located.

    Initially, Sheregesh is a urban-type settlement in the Tashtagol District of the Kemerovo Region. The distance to the regional capital is just under 400 km, but you can also get there through other cities, for example, through Novosibirsk or Novokuznetsk.

    Therefore, a center of life and movement arose here due to the ski activity when a sports and tourist complex appeared here. There are trails here, there is where to stay overnight and rest.

    Sheregesh occupies an advantageous position in terms of natural objects. It is located at the foot of the mountain Mustag, offering beautiful views. The geographical features of Sheregesh also influence the climatic features of these places. And because you can ride here a whole season, that is, from November to May.

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